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No Sweat Products

If You Could Control Sweaty Hands Would You?

| Sande Caplin |

Joe Watson, is a resident of Casey Key, Nokomis, Florida. As the inventor of No Sweat Lotion, and Ladies Shoe Designer, he travels several times a year to Spain. On one of his trips he discovered a clue to a problem that annoyed him for years. He as an avid golfer!  He moved  to Florida from Ohio and could not stand to have his hands slip on a golf club from sweat!  Sweaty Hands, on golf clubs, annoy many people!

What he saw in Spain gave him the germ of an Idea.  Coming home he contacted a friend of his in St. Petersburg who was a bottler and had a college degree in Cosmetic Chemistry.  They discussed Mr. Watson’s idea and the formulation was born. Business has grown to Ten Brands, and are marketed worldwide. Mr. Watson says; “We are dedicated to controlling the world’s sweaty hands or feet!”

What are No Sweat Lotion Products?  No Sweat Products are formulated to help you control annoying Sweaty Hands or Sweaty Feet problems.Easy to use, fine mist spray on hands, rub vigorously for 20 seconds. One application will last all day.  Ingredients are food grade. It has no odor,  is not Sticky and leaves no powder to get on clothes, tools or sport equipment.

Why a No Sweat Lotion product?  Only a short,Twenty years ago,Many people did not use underarm deodorant – Now it is routine!  However, most people, take for granted their Hands Sweat or their Feet Sweat!
If Everyone Knew More About How Sweaty Hands, or Sweaty Feet Can Have A Negative Effect On Their Ability to Compete,  they Would All Spray Their Hands or Feet to control this annoying sweaty issue.

The product benefits give you – a Competitive “edge” to Perform at the highest Level for work, play, sports or any endeavor! Dry Hands or Dry Feet are the Edge!

No Sweat America products continue to grow in sales from a modest 70,000 bottles sold to a projection this year of 150,000.  Theirs growth plans include; new product brands, new distributors,- and an Assist Program for entrepreneurs who would like to start their own business.

In a few weeks, Mr. Watson said; “We plan to introduce a brand for Musicians. Musicians have unique sweaty hand problems. Guitar players tell of Rust on the metal strings, because of sweaty hands.”  No Sweat Products are; Not antiperspirant.  Antiperspirants can be harmful near your mouth. The No Sweat Products are all formulated for your needs. They contain only safe, non-toxic ingredients including ionized water.

Joe Watson, who is the inventor, president; owns patent pending rights, trademarks, logos, text, reg.trademarks, trade secrets.  No Sweat Lotion Brands are produced in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A. Sold ,Marketed and Shipped to the World!  They can be purchased locally in many stores, pro-shops, eBay and Online

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