Florida Suncoast, Help Steven Get Back On His Feet and Dance Again!

Florida Suncoast, Help Steven Get Back On His Feet and Dance Again!

Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Anna Maria Island, Tampa, St. Pete: Steven Vincent has spent his life giving to others. At The Players Studio he taught countless children and adults not only to dance, but to find the love of dance. His daily exercise program, Movement Magic, motivates and inspires numerous residents of retirement facilities in Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice, Florida.

Last May, Stevie was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor. In the nine months since, he has been through the unimaginable. He fought a sepsis infection and came out of ICU. He was in a rehab facility trying to get strong and back on his feet so he could drive and get back to work again. He did 27 radiation treatments, but with the tumor still there he was continuing to fight an uphill battle, hearing loss, vision impairment and losing the use of the left side of his body.

In early February, he ended up back in the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital once again. At that point we were very lucky to meet a brilliant new neurosurgeon. One who felt that despite the tremendous risks of this surgery and the potential to not heal after, Steven had no other option but to go ahead with brain surgery. On February 15th of this year, Steven underwent surgery. His surgeons, fortunately, were able to remove the entire tumor. He is now in rehab, where he’s working hard each day to become stronger, get back on his feet, and return to his life.


Over the course of the last nine months Steven has been out of work and his bills have been piling up. Family and friends are helping in every way they can, but he needs more financial support so that when he can return to his life, he is not financially devastated.

For a man who’s brightened the spirits of young and old alike, brought joy and laughter to others throughout his entire life, we are asking that if you are able, please give back to Stevie!

Note:  Desiree Schell is a teacher at Pine View School in Sarasota.  From Desiree: Stevie was my father’s partner in life until my dad passed in 2011. He came into our lives when I was 9 and never left. He cares for us like we are his own children, over and above my biological mother. I love him and wouldn’t be who I am today were it now for him. He is my dad now…

Please help Steven by donating at his GoFundMe page.

photo from Desiree Schell

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