Don McKeon

Rest in Peace, Don McKeon- You Will Be Greatly Missed

Don McKeon

We lost a great one yesterday. I am so sad and heartbroken to announce that founder, and a dear friend to so many, Don McKeon has passed away.   Our prayers and love go out to Don’s wonderful wife, Joni Luckenbill, and his entire family.  As Sheree Englehardt, Don’s business partner said “he changed my life forever.  I am beyond sad.”

As the founder of, and a huge lover and supporter of live music, Don was instrumental in getting the word out about live music and live music venues on the Suncoast.  He was one of the most intelligent people I knew and was always there to support folks in need.  I had the pleasure and honor of working with Don on several projects and loved to hang around with him at the music venues in our town that he loved and supported.  Dinner with Don & Joni was always very special occasion and he got so much joy just hanging around with the “locals” in town. 

Don McKeon

From local guitar player extraordinaire, Greg Poulis (from Facebook)- Tonight l learned of the passing of one of my best friends who was also one of my biggest music supporters and lover of live music, my incredible friend Don McKeon. He was one of my biggest fans, friend, supporters who I always looked up to. Sorry Don, I didn’t get the books back to you that you let me read. And for always slipping me an extra tip at the end of the night. Of course, when you saw Don, there was his lovely Joni by his side. You could always count on them to stop by your show. Don will be deeply missed.

Greg Poulis could not have said it any better.  Please pray for Don and Joni today.  And, for sure……  Don would want us all to go out today and support a local band, local music venue and local restaurant.  He’s smiling down at us.

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