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Twinkle Yochim, Melissa Weaver, James Newton, Sande Caplin, Jennifer Adams

Christmas Eve, Eve- I Laughed and Cried So Hard I Wet My Pants!

| Sande Caplin |

These 2 photos tell it all.  (thanks, Vicky Sullivan)  We did a photo shoot last night in our wonderful town with Twinkle Yochim, Melissa Weaver, Jennifer Adams & James Newton.  Vicky took hundreds of photos and we finished up with a fabulous dinner at my favorite Italian Ristorante, “Primo!”  We had so much fun.

You’re going to see big things happening from this “crew” in 2015!  Jennifer Adams, “Tune In To Life” will be taking her Life Coaching endeavor to new heights, my partner, James Newton has some awesome new and creative ideas for our website business, Twinkle’s new music video will have it’s “World Premiere” on January 17, and Melissa Weaver’s love for cooking will be bringing you “Bite Into This.”  And oh, our new “Compound” is going to be awesome.

Merry Christmas, and lots of love to all of our pals around town.  Many more photos to come.

Sande Caplin and Associates

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