Jane White and Bruce Famiglio

Bruce Famiglio Comes Out Of The Closet!

Well, it’s not what you think and that is okay!  I have known Mr. Famiglio for a very long time.  We hang out together, work together, play together….well that’s a story for another day!

One thing that I did not know about Bruce is that he is a really good dancer.  Last Thursday night at The Flying Dog Café, Billy Rice and his band were performing.  There was a big change at the Dog that night.  The dance floor was expanded, new couches and high tops were installed and there was joy in the air.

Live Music at the Flying Dog CafeVinnie Tricarico, Debbie Summerfield, Ron White and a few others were hanging out in the new lounge area.  We were chatting with dancer extraordinaire, Jane White.  Another fan of Bruce’s, Joyce Donohue said to Bruce “why don’t you dance with Jane?”  Well, not only did they dance, they looked like a team from “Dancing With The Stars!”  The “gang” who were watching were totally amazed.  Could this be the start of something big? ….Jane and Bruce touring the country as dance partners?  Stranger things have happened.

You never know what will happen at the Flying Dog Café!  Come out this week and check it out.  Who knows, maybe Bruce and Jane will put on another show!  

Thanks, Joyce Donohue for the great photos!


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