Bradenton Beach / Coquina Beach / Anna Maria Island Join Hands Along the Water

Bradenton Beach / Coquina Beach / Anna Maria Island Join Hands Along the Water

Oh my, what an event! Across the state of Florida today, Sunday, August 12, thousands of folks were locking hands on beaches for the Hands Along the Water event.

They peacefully came together as one to show that they do not, and will not stand for our beautiful beaches, wildlife, homes and livelihoods to continuously be destroyed and impacted by water release from Lake Okeechobee. (Read Rose Lipke Story)

Hands Along the Water event at Coquina Beach, FloridaThey gathered from North to South, East Coast and Gulf Coast to show their solidarity. At the end, they raised their arms up to the sky to show their love. The team from the Sarasota Post were honored to film the event which drew a very large crowd at Coquina Beach.

There was so much love today and lots of tears. Events were held in Sarasota, Fort Myers Beach, Englewood, Bonita Beach, Sanibel, Nokomis, Cape Coral, St. Pete Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Venice, John’s Pass, Clearwater Beach, Cocoa Beach, Beverly Beach, Palm Beach, Treasure Coast, Vanderbilt Beach and Anna Maria Island.

Congratulations to everyone who came out to support this special event all over the state of Florida. Thank you to Elizabeth Shore who gave us the heads-up about the event, and a very special thank you to the staff of Manatee County for the wonderful beach cleanup (it was so clean) and to the life guards at Coquina Beach who helped us out today. You all are a real blessing to our community.

Click Here for more information about the event.

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