Bikes on Main, Thunder by The Bay Block Party- Oh What A Night!

This photo tells it all. Last night was epic! Thunder by the Bay was back on Main Street in Sarasota for one night. And, it was quite a night. The streets were packed.

Main Street was closed at around 5pm to make way for one of the biggest events in our town. By 7, hundreds and hundred of motorcycles took over the streets. It was something that I will never forget. The action centered around Lemon Ave. and Main Street.

Restaurants were packed, bars were hopping, and everyone was having a fabulous time. On the south end of Lemon Ave., a big stage was set up. Two of the best bands in our town performed. Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio opened the show at 7:30 and the Billy Rice Band were the closing act at 9:30 and performed untill 11pm.  There was dancing in the street!

I was impressed with the huge crowd. Everyone had a fabulous time and there was just so much love around Sarasota last night.

Thunder by the Bay continues today and tomorrow at the Sarasota County Fairgrounds.

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bikes on main, Billy Rice Band, Thunder By The Bay, Twinkle Rock Soul Radio

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