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Attention Suncoast Dog Owners – A Must Read Concerning Story 

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Veterinarians in several states are investigating a strange illness in dogs that looks like kennel cough but can be much more severe and even deadly.

Dogs with this mystery illness have symptoms like a cough, fever, tiredness, and sometimes they don’t want to eat. This illness is making some dogs very sick, especially older animals or those already not feeling well.

We don’t know how many dogs have gotten sick, but veterinarians have noticed more cases recently. It’s not limited to just a few places; it has been found in Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Rhode Island, and experts think it might be happening in other areas too.

Dr. Lindsey Ganzer, a vet in Colorado, has treated about 35 dogs with this illness since late October. Unfortunately, four dogs had to be put to sleep or didn’t make it. These sick dogs were of different breeds and ages, but they all spent time around lots of other dogs, like at boarding facilities, doggy daycares, or parks. Dr. Ganzer worries that more animals will get sick, especially during the holidays when owners often board their pets or send them to daycare.

In Oregon, vets have seen over 200 cases since mid-August, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Stephen Kochis from the Oregon Humane Society says we shouldn’t panic because this is just a small number of all the dogs in the state. He also mentioned that there are many respiratory illnesses in dogs that can be treated.

This mysterious illness is concerning because it can last longer and be more dangerous than the usual dog cough. It’s not clear if it’s caused by bacteria or a virus, but some vets in Oregon think it might be viral because antibiotics haven’t helped the animals they treated.

Experts are still trying to figure out what’s going on, and they’re doing tests to see if the illness is the same in different places. To keep our animals safe, it’s essential to call the vet if our dogs show any signs of respiratory sickness, just like how we take precautions during human illnesses.

They are also recommending to keep your dogs away from others animals and consider a pet sitter at your house if you are traveling this Thanksgiving instead of boarding your dog and refrain from taking them to doggy day care for the time being.

Information taken from several news sources including the NY Times, Associated Press, US News & the NBC Today Show.

Photo from Deposit Photos

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