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5 Myths About Online Casinos

The internet has completely revolutionized the way we do things. One specific area that the internet has changed is the gambling industry. Unlike the past where gamblers had to go to a physical location to play casino, today they can play their favorite casino online at the comfort of their home. There are multiple online gambling sites that players can play casino games without leaving the comfort of their homes. However, the increase in popularity of online casinos has also led to the emergence of myths. For example sites like is able to attract a lot of people into the industry, thanks to reliable services and transparency. So, with fame, there will always be issues surrounding it. In this article, we will debunk the myths about online casinos.

Myth 1: Online casinos have predetermined results

One popular myth about online casinos is that usually have predetermined results and that is why only a few people win. Since the online casino does not involve sitting in front of a slot machine, most people believe that games usually have predetermined results in favor of the casino. However, that is not true. Today players are more knowledgeable than ever and can easily detect if there is any discrepancy from the general game odds. Additionally, online casinos usually provide the game history to allow players to scrutinize the algorithm to see if there are any discrepancies. This means that it is difficult for online casinos to have predetermined results. If an online casino tries to rig a game in their favor, players will easily detect and the information will go viral. Such a thing will damage the reputation of that particular casino. That is why online casinos usually go out of their way to ensure that their online casinos are credible and transparent.

Myth 2: You will not get paid if you win

Another popular myth about online casinos is that winners never get paid. Yes, we have to admit that there are some rogue casinos that don’t pay winners, but genuine casinos always pay players who have won. That is why it is very important to check the online casino’s credibility before you sign up. Millions of gamblers play online casinos every day. Out of that, the percentage of people who don’t get paid is very small. So, if you play a genuine online casino, you will get paid if you win.

Myth 3: You will be locked out if you win too much

Someone has probably told you that you won’t get paid if you do too much. However, that is not true. Your games won’t be frozen if you win too much. In fact, when you win a lot, the casino will want you to play even more because the odds dictate that the house will have the last laugh if you play a lot. This means that the more you play, the more likely the house will win. Now, with that in mind, why would your game get frozen if you do too much? That is highly unlikely because the more you gamble, the more you are likely to lose. If the casino freezes in the middle of your game, then it is probably because of a minor casino server breakdown or poor internet connection and when they are fixed, you will resume from where you had left.

Myth 4: You will never earn a bonus

This is a very popular myth about online casinos. Yes, we cannot deny the fact there are some rogue casinos that attract players by promising to give them hefty bonuses but they end up not living up to their promise. That is why it is crucial to find a reputable gaming regulator that is licensed and regulated by a recognized gaming regulator. Most players, especially novices don’t know that online casino bonuses usually have terms and conditions that you need to read and understand before you sign up. First, before you sign up for the online casino, ensure that it is licensed and regulated. Second, ensure that you read and understand the terms of the bonus. This will ensure that you don’t get an unnecessary surprise.

Myth 5: Online gambling encourages underage players

Another prevalent myth about online casinos is that they encourage underage players. Of course, there may be a few underage players who find a way to beat the system but it usually doesn’t take long before they are caught. However, most reputable and licensed online casino sites have put in place a very stringent age verification process that makes it very hard for an underage player to pass through. All players are subjected to a strict age verification process and if one cannot prove that he/she is above the recommended age, they won’t play.

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