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2017 World Rowing Championships- They're Getting Ready For You and the Excitement is Building!

2017 World Rowing Championships- They’re Getting Ready For You and the Excitement is Building!

| Sande Caplin |

I went to pick up our media credentials for The Sarasota Post at the 2017 World Rowing Championships today at Nathan Benderson Park. Bill (a friendly volunteer) drove a group of us from the UTC Mall parking lot to the entrance where I found the Accreditation tent.

Volunteer "Bill" at the World Rowing ChampionshipsOn the way we saw a woman fishing and I commented to the volunteer seated next to me,” I wonder if she’s caught anything?” He quipped, “Maybe she caught an 8!” I had to ask what he meant, of course. “There are 8 rowers on a big crew.” Funny!  All the volunteers there were super helpful and friendly and gave me everything I needed for OUR crew. I had time to spare and decided to go on a walkabout.

I walked down by the Finish Tower and the water and saw many workers. The stage was going up and the guys were getting it ready for the entertainment scheduled for the public’s amusement. Tents were up for the vendors, all ready for them to set up. There was a palpable feeling of excitement in the air!

Sarasota Bradenton Rowing ChampionshipsThere’s something happening at the park every day starting with the Opening Ceremony and Youth Regional Challenge Heats on Saturday Sept 23rd and ending with the Closing Ceremony and 3rd day of Finals of World Rowing Championships and Row for the Cure on the following Sunday Oct 1st.

Check out for the complete schedule and last minute changes. See ya there!

Finish tower at Nathan Benderson Park

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