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I got “Made”

I got “Made”  in downtown Sarasota
Restaurant 1990 Main Street, Sarasota, FL (941-580-0250)

Doing my pre-dining internet homework, I found myself completely amused reading Made’s Menu!!!  To begin with, they listed “Grilled Corn Dogs” as an appetizer!!!  My first thought was of someone’s Mom saying to their kids after school “Sorry kids, nothing special this afternoon to snack on, but I think I still have some corn dogs in the freezer”!!  Continuing on that note, they listed “Cheese (Potato) Tots” as a side!!!……………..BEFORE you stop reading and lose interest let me ‘tantalize’ you with the following description of the Corn Dogs:  “Bacon wrapped, char-grilled, cornmeal dipped, served with MADE ketchup and spicy mustard.”  This was a Corn Dog I wanted to meet up close and personal!

Boatyard Waterfront Bar & Grill

I had a really great conversation with “Scioban” from the Boatyard Waterfront Bar and Grill.  A very busy lady, she’s in a state of perpetual motion almost every day, being the General Manager and the main overseer of the Boatyard.  She’s been working since she was 15, putting herself through school but not really having a vision of working in the restaurant business.  That really supports my theory that what you went to college for might be the total opposite of what you REALLY want to do and where your passions lie.

Kara Nally, Beautiful Songs From A Beautiful Lady

I had the pleasure of meeting Kara Nally for breakfast twice over the last 30 days at “First Watch” on Main Street in Sarasota.  Both times, Kara was stylishly late!  I have come to learn that is Kara being Kara!  It didn’t bother me…’s Florida and no one is chasing me!  Kara never stops talking- she has so much to share.  She is a bundle of enthusiasm.  Kara was born in Weymouth, Mass and also lived in Norwalk, Mass.  She went to the same high school as Susan Tedeschi……different years!  Kara started singing Mariah Carey songs when she was in the first grade.  She has played with many different bands since the age of 14.  She always sang in the chorus in her high school years.  She proudly told me that one of her uncle’s performed on “Broadway” in New York City.

Laurie Interviews the Songbird, the Lovely Rebecca Bird

While hanging at the Jam each week at the Flying Dog Café, Sande Caplin and I did a number of interviews with various musicians and interesting characters that were regulars at the Dog.  One of my distinct favorites was my interview with Rebecca Bird, a.k.a The Songbird.  So as we were setting up the camera and the lights, I began to get to know Rebecca and I was taken with her soft personality, her Marilyn Monroe-type sex appeal and with her love of her Dad, whom she spoke about so passionately.  When people like Rebecca are up onstage you don’t really wonder about their backgrounds because you’re so caught up in the performance, but she did let go of some intimate details of her life.

Melanie Massell… item!

This little stick of dynamite, Melanie Massell, is so busy that I had to send her the questions for her interview and she just emailed them back.  I found her confidence and her knowing who she really is to be extremely refreshing and admirable.

1) How early in your life did you know you were struck by the music bug?
I must have been bitten by the music bug while still inside my Mama’s womb.  She would sing all day and night to me.  I paid attention.  I had front row seats!  In fact, her “concerts” were so pleasant from in there that it took 12 hours for me to “Brave” the world.  I wonder if that’s where I get the curly red hair from?

2)  Do you come from a musical family?
Again – I think only from my Mama.  My Dad, Sister and Brother are talented in so many ways, but singing isn’t their forte.  My Brother’s three kids are all talented with piano and guitar playing.  I’m waiting for them to get old enough to hire so I don’t break any child labor laws. 🙂

You Really Have to Meet Sarasota Sally…

Better known to her friends as Vivian Kehrer. Vivian is the proprietor of Sarasota Sally, a Dining Club that is both fun and cool. You get to eat for free at select restaurants on your birthday and many people have met and started friendships through Sarasota Sally. If you are a Restaurateur, the benefits are fabulous. You continue to be advertised on their website and Facebook page with your menu and photos that will bring in many new patrons. Their restaurants gain between 100 to 175 new customers a month on average.

Tia Castle- So Much Talent and Motivation In One Beautiful Woman

updated 8/23/2013

I wasn’t at all prepared to meet Tia Castle and experience her as being humble, beautiful, intelligent and sensitive to the unfortunate people around the world who are homeless, but most of all, the horror of women and children being utilized for  human trafficking.  I was so taken by her sincerity.  She is a physically beautiful and intelligent woman with so much good experience and I know  Sarasota should keep their eyes on this rising star because Tia is going places.

Tia’s home town is Sarasota, so coming here to be the Associate Director of Marketing of the Sarasota Film Festival is both meaningful and a challenge.  It’s not an acting or singing role, but read on and you’ll see how multi-faceted Tia is.  Her Mother is here in Sarasota, and it was so tender to hear Tia say, “I love my mother so much, she’s my best friend.”  While growing up in Sarasota, Tia attended Sarasota Visual and Performing Arts High School, and also graduated Cum Laude from American University in Washington D.C. with a BA in Communications.

Karen Greenley – So Much More Than a Name

Karen Greenley  – So Much More Than a Name
I’ve never met Karen before, and being new to Sarasota I felt a bit remiss at not knowing more about her.  But as we spoke, it became like a Divine Appointment.  By that I mean we travel the same path and were meant to meet sooner or later.  Sooner was great!

Karen’s life hasn’t been that easy but what she’s accomplished is what she would rather concentrate on.  She actually, as a single mother of 2, put herself through music college while parenting, working part-time jobs, and studying for school.  I get tired just imagining what that must have been like, so I applaud her loud and long.

Karen’s basic principle in life was to get an education and make something of herself, no matter what her situation was.  Reach out and want something badly enough and the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way.  Karen told me she basically has a classically trained operatic voice but I’m glad she found the blues and a way to release all that emotion.  

Meet Karyn Denham…Mother, Teacher, and Dynamite Blues Singer

Meet Karyn Denham…Mother, Teacher, and Dynamite Blues Singer
by Laurie Mirkin

I’m so glad I got to speak to Karyn on the phone today.  She will be part of the event on March 26th at Primo, when Ladies Sing the Blues wows us again by giving their time to raise money for scholarships for women in need. Karyn  Is like a breath of fresh air.  She is serious about whatever she does, whether it be parenting, teaching, or singing in her band.  She recently started the band Karyn and the Uprights.  It was a dream of hers forever, and now that her kids are 16 and 14, she can leave them for a few hours and live out her dream on stage.

Karyn has an interesting background.  Years before, she was a degreed scientist who worked in a hospital.  It was a job she loved, but as a single parent Karyn felt a strong responsibility to be closer to home and to her children.  It was fortunate that she picked up a position as a teacher, which she also loves, but the money makes it difficult to make ends meet.  Now that she has her band, finances are a bit better.

Jimi Gee, Gender Bender at Large

Interview With Jimi Gee, Gender Bender at Large
by Laurie Mirkin

In this world where everyone wants to look the same, dress in trendy styles and are really not concerned about having any original ideas, when Jimi walks into the room, you have to look, long and hard.  A combination of Cher and Alice Cooper in clothes and makeup, Jimi can be flamboyant one minute and quietly reserved, the next.  One thing is for sure: when you meet him, you know you’ve met someone AMAZING!  The more we talked, the more enchanted I was.

Jimi comes from Queens, and Long Island, New York. He always loved music and decided, exactly on February 9th, 1964, when he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show  that he was going to be himself and express himself with his hair, clothing and makeup.  So he dresses just the way he wants to and that makes him feel free.  He loves makeup and wears it well.  I was jealous at the way he applied his mascara to almost look like false eyelashes.  His students and parents of students are crazy about Jimi.  He’s a gender bender and none of that gets in the way of him being one of the best music teachers in the Sarasota / Bradenton area.

Have a kid who doesn’t like to learn?  Here’s a teacher who illicits excitement about music and where everyone gets to play a part.  Kids come to him for help, advice, and mentoring.  Although his main love is the acoustic guitar, I’ve seen Jimi play almost – Elks Feeding Empty Little Tummies is a local Sarasota – Bradenton Charity organized by the Elks of Lodge 1511 in Bradenton.  This great effort is put together for the benefit of the 2,000 children that the Manatee County School Board has identified  as homeless or living in food deprived homes.  Some of these kids reside in the back of […]

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