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85% Of Sarasota High School Students Are Graduating, But What Can Be Done For The Other 15%?

Over 1,300 high school-aged students in Sarasota County are not enrolled in traditional high schools due to a variety of factors: need to work, lack of transportation or resources, caregiving responsibilities. While that’s below the state average, it’s still a significant amount of young adults losing out on more than $500,000 in lifetime earning potential and much-needed job opportunities. The reason? Life challenges stop many of these young adults from succeeding in a traditional, sit-at-your-desk, 8am – 3pm high school program. Disengaged students struggle to find success in the traditional classroom structure so an alternative setting must provide a unique and flexible culture that differs from the traditional setting to allow a student to immediately recognize they are in for a new experience.

50 Years Ago Today, High School Graduation, Westbury, New York

SALUTATORIAN ADDRESS * Susan Joan Fishbein * Class of 1968, Westbury High School Forty-seventh Annual Graduation Exercises, Thursday, June 20, 1968, 6:00 p.m., Thomas J. Fitzgerald Athletic Field

50 years ago today, as some of you recall, the Westbury High School Class of 1968 graduated, and I was fortunate to deliver the salutatorian address.  In light of the world of 2018, the attached is a poignant reminder of the world we inhabited back then. I felt compelled to share it with you today.  Wishing you love and peace, Susan

Upcoming Classes at The Folk School at Florida Maritime Museum in Cortez, FL

Join The Folk School at Florida Maritime Museum in welcoming back Jillian Ross for a Sourdough Culture class on Saturday, July 14th from 10AM to 12 PM. This class will be a discussion on the methods of making Sourdough bread. Sourdough bread is made through the fermentation of the dough using naturally occurring bacteria and yeast. We will discuss how to care for your sourdough culture and the various ways you can use it. Each student will take home a culture of their own.

Calling the ‘80s- We’d Like Some Innocence Back, Please

It is hard to define a generation’s significance when you are in the throes of everyday life, speaking the lingo, wearing the latest trends, listening to the music that is current and talking about topics of the day. For ‘80s kids, we had no idea that our decade would end up being the last little nugget of innocence in a world that was about to be revolutionized by technology with a subsequent decline in face-to-face interactions.

Gardens Give Back: Green-fingered children take care of the community

Recent events at Hershorin Schiff Community Day School saw second-graders growing, harvesting and delivering fresh vegetables to local families in need. By learning how to cultivate kale, beets, blueberries, tomatoes and peppers, as well as different types of flowers, these lucky school children were given both the chance and the resources to give back to the community at a very young age.

‘Giving Back’, Betsy Plante and The Blessing Bags Project

To say Betsy Plante has a heart for the homeless and underprivileged in our community is an understatement. I had the pleasure of meeting Betsy at her lovely home in Bradenton to discover just what makes her Blessing Bags Project non-profit tick. What I found was a woman who has touched the lives of thousands and is often brought to tears when she talks about her experiences with the people she helps.

Decades Rewind- Taking You Back and Lifting You Up

What is “your” song?  You know the one where, as you’re switching through the radio dial trying to find something you like, you come across one of your favorite tunes.  Instantly, you’re transported back to your senior year in high school where that particular song serenaded you through summer, marking the moments like time bombs and you had no idea of their importance.  Or maybe it’s the time you spent witnessing the Beatles revolution and even you blurred the lines between fan and groupie status, and “Hey Jude” will always make you cry.  

Tanya Mccormic Is Giving Back, Hope You Will Too!

Tanya will be performing at the “Giving Back” charity event for F.E.L.T (Feeding Empty Little Tummies) on September 13 at The Swordfish Grill and Tiki along with Billy Rice, Kim Betts, Dana Lawrence, Greg Poulis and Twinkle. The Musical Director for this event is Leo Binetti.  Tickets are almost sold out so purchase yours today. Here is a little background about Tanya…

Looking Back and Looking Forward

In order to celebrate the start of a new year, the January 2015 issue of National Geographic is chock-full of “firsts” throughout the history of the world. NatGeo starts with the Earliest Ideas. The very first was fire. Fire was great for about a million years.  Now we only use it when we go camping […]

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