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Robert Kraft, Owner of New England Patriots Launches Foundation to Combat Antisemitism

| Sande Caplin |

It’s great to hear that Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism is launching a new national campaign to stop hateful acts against Jewish people. The $25 million investment in the #StandUpToJewishHate campaign is a significant step in the fight against bigotry and hatred.  The new campaign was announced this morning live on NBC’s Today Show.

 The establishment of the blue square emoji as a symbol of solidarity and support for the Jewish community is an innovative idea that can help raise awareness about the issue.

It’s alarming to hear that Jews make up only 2.4% of the American population yet are the victims of 55% of religious-based hate crimes. The campaign’s focus on this statistic can help to shed light on the disproportionate impact of hate crimes on the Jewish community.

During the campaign, the blue square will take up 2.4% of television and digital screens, billboards, and social media feeds.  It’s already on all smartphones, as a “simple, but powerful symbol of solidarity and support for the Jewish community.”

I hope that the #StandUpToJewishHate campaign will be successful in bringing attention to the issue of antisemitism and in promoting tolerance and respect for all people, regardless of their race, religion, or background.

For more information, visit  Stand Up To Jewish Hate.

Photo from Facebook

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