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It’s Time To Fire Every United States Congressperson & Senator

| Sande Caplin |

Politics are not our thing on The Suncoast Post, but enough is enough.  As most of you know there is an imminent threat of a U.S. government shutdown this Sunday.  Here we go again.  The government started notifying federal workers that a shutdown is a real possibility.

The message said that “there is a growing risk that millions of federal employees and military service personnel may stop receiving checks in a few days unless Congress can make a last-minute effort to continue federal funding beyond Saturday.” 


Enough is enough.  How would you like to be a TSA employee who still MUST go to work and not be paid? (They would receive the back pay after this mess is settled)  OR soldiers protecting our country with no paycheck coming in. How do you think these families are feeling right now?  There are many more federal employees in the same situation. 

It’s time to FIRE every one of these Jerks in the Congress & Senate.  The American people are just pawns in their game.  Vote every one of these self-serving politicians out of office.  Let’s get some new people in government who are really there to serve the people.

This embarrassment can be corrected.  Vote in new people…..

Out with the old & uncaring politicians. Fire them all.

That’s it, that’s my rant.  Your comments are welcome.

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