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World Renowned Blues Band to Perform at Jr’s Old Packinghouse Cafe

| Beth Hammer |

Blues is a musical form that became known in the Deep South around the 1860s, although it began much earlier. The Blues incorporated spirituals, work songs, shouts, chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads from the African-American culture.

Johnny Guitar and Bluestar play real deal blues. The songs “can’t be sung without a full heart and a troubled spirit,” conditions that have inspired countless blues songs. As the blues developed around the country, there became subgenres that included Delta blues, Piedmont blues, and urban styles like Chicago and West Coast blues. Many of Johnny Guitar’s lyrics are his own creation, including one to his now deceased wife, entitled “Baby Don’t Go.” Another is a cover of a song from a jail prisoner, entitled “Nine Pound Steel.”

It’s a good idea to arrive early when Johnny Guitar and Bluestar play at Jr’s Old Packinghouse Cafe, because (inside and out) tables fill up rapidly. Johnny’s grateful for the response, says he just wishes he could bring his music to even more people. His style, which takes him out into the audience to sing to patrons as diverse as his songs, often brings him to his knees.  Showtime is 7pm on Saturday, October 28.

Johnny’s band, Bluestar, consists of guitarist Keven O’Connor, drummer Vinny Vingelli, Bassist Beth the Velvet Hammer, keyboard artist Oren “Doc” Plous this October 28, and it’s rumored that “Doc” will be bringing his Hammond B3 for the occasion. Johnny Guitar is looking forward to seeing all his friends!

Jr’s Old Packinghouse Café
987 S. Packinghouse Road
Sarasota, FL 34232
941 371 9358


Photo from Beth Hammer

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