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Vicky Sullivan- My Favorite Record Album, Montrose

When I was 5 years old, my father came home with a 45” record of The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night”! I had one of those little 60’s record players and I played that record over & over. I didn’t really know who The Beatles were or how much they would influence music then but I knew I loved that record!

My fascination with records, radio & music just continued to grow from that day.  As a pre-teen, I listened to the pop music of the day on my transistor radio. My first actual record album I remember owning was Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bookends”.  I am not sure how I acquired that album but the harmonies of Paul and Artie on “Mrs. Robinson” and “America” were mesmerizing! I know this article is supposed to be about my favorite album and I have to tell you reader, in thinking of all the records I have owned and that have touched my soul, picking one is difficult.  I will pick one that has had a huge influence and is a favorite I am still listening to after 40 years!


In 1973, I had a guitar player boyfriend who turned me on to an album called “Montrose”.  I had never heard of them but when I heard that first track “Rock the Nation” I was blown away by the singer’s voice and the heavy handed licks of the guitar, drums and booming bass.  Little did I know that the lead singer was a young Sammy Hagar. Montrose was actually Ronnie Montrose, who became one of the guitar greats of our generation! That album became my anthem that year, “Rock Candy” and “Make It Last” two of my favorite songs that Sammy Hagar still plays live today! Every track on the album rocks! “Bad Motor Scooter” is a biker’s tune written by Sammy! I have owned this album in every form, vinyl, cassette, CD, MP3 and it’s even on my phone! It is a great rock record for high energy driving!

Over the years, I have seen Sammy Hagar perform some of the songs from this album and it is always great to hear that familiar rock voice. I had never seen Ronnie Montrose perform those great guitar licks but in 2011, Ronnie came to the Largo Cultural Center. In remission from battling cancer, Ronnie gave a stellar performance.  He took me back in time to the carefree days of my youth, rockin’ with that great album on my stereo.  No one can duplicate the guitar playing of Ronnie Montrose! Ronnie took the time to meet everyone after the show and he signed my album! It was a full circle moment!  If you have never heard “Montrose” and love a great rock record or haven’t heard it in years, crank it up! For me, it will always be part of the soundtrack of my life!

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