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Local Sarasota musician Twinkle and her band rocked the standing room crowd at Ace’s on Friday night! Bringing a mixture of cover tunes and original written music, Twinkle offers something for everyone. Her multi range vocal ability allows for a great variety of cover tunes. Channeling Zeppelin and as I heard a fan say to her during a break “You make Robert Plant proud!” From “The Ocean” to “Whole Lotta Love” Zep fans were lovin’ it. She and brother bassist Tony LeClerc, take occasional turns on vocals with Stones and Allman Brothers classics tunes.

A great soul singer, she slays from Aretha to Janis to Tina. Bringing the audience participation in fun singalongs to classics like Journey’s “Lights” to the Monkees theme song makes for a good time for all.  Twinkle and Company have recorded several albums of original music of catchy rock, soul and ballads that are so good that many locals know these songs as well as the covers they play.

Twinkle Yochim

Make no mistake, this is a world class band of musicians. Lenny Brooks on guitar is a force to be reckoned with. One of the best guitarists anywhere, he bends the mind with his solos. He brings the house down every time. The newest member of the band is heavy handed drummer Benny Puckett who bangs the drums and performs some great drumstick gymnastics for your entertainment.

Lenny Brooks, Benny Puckett, Tony LeClerc, Twinkle, Rock Soul Radio

If you are a music fan and haven’t seen Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio, you really must get out for a great night of rock, soul and blues. Her version of “Stormy Monday” is an entity of itself.  Be sure to check out their website at for dates and all things Twinkle.

Note:  Twinkle will be performing at the “Giving Back” charity event to help feed hungry homeless kids on September 13 at the Swordfish Grill & Tiki on Cortez.

photos by Vicky Sullivan, Rock the Lens Photography

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