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New developments in the Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio world. Short story made long. About five years ago we were playing a show at a biker bar in Osprey Florida and had gone on break.


A man reaches out to me on my way off the stage and says,” Hey you got a minute? I’d like to tell you a story.” Sure, says I and I sit down, always ready to hear stories. “My name is Bobby Croft, and I was on tour with Gregg Allman playing Bass when you were a young teenager and your Mom brought you in to sing with us.” Of course, I was immediately intrigued, and he continued to tell me that he had gone on to be an Independent Record Producer and did a lot of work with Warner Brothers.

When Warner signed me at 25, he told them he knew me, and I was from the Allman Brother’s family and that he would love to produce the album and put me on tour with them. I felt like an alternate reality had opened up in front of me, like in the Twilight Zone. My album Haunted by Real Life was produced by Patrick Leonard.

 Anyway, the meeting was a fine beginning of a very easy, productive and entertaining friendship/partnership. Bobby is producing our new Album and is the ‘Fifth Beatle’. He is an extended member of our band and has contributed so much more than production: We write together, he’s mentor and musician, and storytelling about his life during the whole process. I fully think I should just videotape the rest of the experience from now on.

Twinkle Rock Soul Radio

A true Rock Album with song titles like Sanctuary, Freaks and Weirdos, Notes from the Underground, Revolution, Beautiful life, Narcan, The Resistance, Swamp; The Ballad of Buddy Yochim, Rock is Love, All In This Together. We have already recorded 24 but are whittling our list down to ten. It’s hard, there’s so much great music, but that leaves us with a great start for the next Album.

Once we are finished we are of course printing CD’s, but also Vinyl. I have enlisted the talent of Frankie Salas ( to create a Lyric/Art companion book, and also a young graphic artist all of 14 named Aaron Lamneck to help me with T-shirt design. We will most definitely create a video for each song, and eventually retroactively for all past songs as well. Tony does all of our booking and promotions and has us booked through 2021 at venues that we love and are in a partnership with that works for all of us. 


An incredible fan base/family make us feel welcome and at home wherever we go and our Magnificent British Sound Engineer Midge Mathieson has used his copious stadium worldwide touring experience to make us sound amazing and we now have a 24 foot truck for the Concert size P.A., Light show, scaffolds and Backdrops.  A full crew Scotty Thames Crew chief, Benton Byrd, Tracy English, and Ray Overholt, unloads, sets up our house every night, then breaks it down and loads it back up again.  

It’s pretty amazing to watch, and during all this, we are all laughing and sharing stories with each other about our week. It’s a family and I never take it for granted. One night we were loading out at one of our favorite venues and I was watching the whole band and crew put the road cases in the back of the truck and got teary-eyed, because what I saw was us as children who dreamed about this life that we have now created and had never stopped working for. It’s a beautiful life, and I’m truly honored to have my fate tied to these people. We are truly all in this together and together we have created something special. We’re Better together than we are apart….

Photos by Vicky Sullivan

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