Tucci Band Announces Big Changes and “The Tucci Project”

Tucci Band Announces Big Changes and “The Tucci Project”

Sarasota, FL- Steve Tucci, leader of the Tucci Band, has some big news for their fans. The new name for the band will be “The Tucci Project!” They have an upcoming tour starting in the fall and big changes are in store for the band. In early September, the band will have a new state of the art website that is being developed by the team at Sande Caplin & Associates. Steve and his son Michael spent many hours a few weeks ago with Sande’s team and a dynamic and exciting website is in the works.

Members of The Tucci Project include Steve Tucci on guitar and vocals, Michael Tucci on drums, Gregg Voorhees playing bass, Al Owen on guitar and vocals, Shawn Murphy playing sax and vocals and Don Richards on the B3. Also, alternate band members are Michael “The Professor” Hensley on B3, Chaz Trippy on percussion, Harry DeBusk on bass and world-renown Larry McCray on guitar and vocals. All the band members have ties to the Allman Brothers Band. Bud Snyder is the head engineer for the project.

Rehearsals are taking place throughout the summer in Sarasota. The Tucci Project will be a combination of funky, jazzy and bluzy! Their latest CD, “Olivia” is available on Itunes and Spotify. Watch the Sarasota Post for the latest updates about The Tucci Project, their new website and fall tour.

Follow the Tucci Project on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/tucciproject/

Photo by Gail Gerdes, Bosk Photography. Graphics by Harry DeBusk

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