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Trick or Treat – The Rolling Stones Start Up Halloween in Tampa Bay

The Rolling Stones will blow into Tampa on October 29th, starting the Halloween weekend off with a bang! Hopefully, their 2019 hit, “Living in a Ghost Town” will be included on the setlist for the occasion.  Tampa Bay can play the fun game of trying to spot Mick Jagger ala “Where’s Waldo” around the bay area or will Sir Mick be able to remain anonymous as he has in previous tour cities such as Charlotte, Nashville, and St. Louis.  Since Mick is now a part-time Sarasota neighbor, maybe someone will catch a glimpse of him around the Suncoast!

Rolling Stones

The “No Filter” tour started in Europe in 2017 and came to Florida twice in 2019. They played Jacksonville and Miami, which The Suncoast Post attended and reviewed. Miami turned out to be their last show of the tour with the pandemic bringing a grinding halt to shows in 2020. Then as they decided to pick up the tour in 2021, their beloved drummer Charlie Watts took ill.  No one at that time imagined they would lose Charlie. It was decided by Charlie himself, Mick, Keith and Ronnie, that they should continue the tour with his close friend, drummer Steve Jordan sitting in on the kit for him.   It will certainly be a different Rolling Stones show without the heartbeat of Charlie but the band is honoring him.  It is a bittersweet tour with the band being back on the road and their friend & bandmate gone.

 Here is a bit about Steve Jordan and why he is the one drummer that is appropriate for these tour dates.  Steve first met Charlie in 1978 when he was playing in the “Saturday Night Live” band and they became instant friends.  Steve also played with “The World’s Most Dangerous Band” on Late Night with David Letterman from 82-86.  He has been working with Keith Richards since the 80’s on his solo stuff and played on a couple of Mick’s solo tunes as well. He has a long standing relationship with the band as well as working with many artists like Eric Clapton, Duran Duran, and was the drummer for the John Mayer Trio.  Jordan has said in interviews that he “wishes he didn’t have to play with Stones”, because of the reason, but he is doing it for his friend Charlie.  It’s good that Steve Jordan could step up and help the Stones keep these tour dates.

The Stones have released the 40th Anniversary Edition of “Tattoo You” including 9 unheard and bonus live tracks. The release is available in a cool clear vinyl, CD and even cassette at the Stones website. There will be plenty of merchandise at the Tampa show to choose from including Ronnie Wood’s hand-painted setlist of the Tampa show. Ronnie paints one for every show on the tour. You can purchase a lithograph of the original painting through Ronnie’s art store website HERE.   

Speaking of the setlists, there are classic Stones hits and then some.  Keith picks up a couple of lead vocals during the show.  There is the ever-popular interactive fan vote song.  Go to vote a couple of days prior to the show & choose from four songs, the winner will be played at the show.  Some of the choices for previous shows have been “Angie”,” Wild Horses” and “Let It Bleed”  just to name a few, they switch them up for every show.    

Rolling Stones

The Stones have some history playing the original Tampa Stadium, in 1989 on the Steel Wheels tour and in 1994 for the Voodoo Lounge tour.  This will be their first visit to Raymond James Stadium, home of the 2021 Super Bowl Champs, the Tampa Bay Bucs! Seating for over 65,000 Stones fans! The show is on a Friday night and by day of show will no doubt be a sell-out.  There are still some tickets available in various sections, ranging from $47.00 for upstairs to $497.00 if you want to shell out big bucks for the floor.  If you are willing to stand for the night, you can get the rear GA for $147.00 at Ticketmaster   This might be the last tour for the Rolling Stones, no one seems to know, even Mick says “Anything Could Happen”.  Don’t miss the chance to see the World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band and show the Stones some Tampa Bay love!

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