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Beth Hammer, WSLR Radio

To my friends in the music business

| Sande Caplin |

Twice a year I like to remind all my musician friends that if you want your music played on the radio, I’m the one who can do it. And if you don’t happen to play blues music, there are lots of other programs on WSLR Radio that will play your music.  If you’re a fan, you can hear local musicians within our programming every day of the week.  One of our most important functions is to make sure we have strong ties in the musical community.

WSLR is a community radio station. Those of us who are programmers at WSLR don’t get paid a nickle for our work. We prepare shows on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and we have guests in the studio who play music, or talk about their latest projects. We love the LOCAL aspect of WSLR Radio. And we know that if your music is going to get played in Sarasota, you need WSLR.  This is the time of year when we need you, too. We need you to make a donation to WSLR Radio. Many of you have given us your music, as thank you gifts for those who contribute money to keep the station on the air. But I am asking you to stretch a little more, and give a little money – whatever you feel comfortable with. Whatever makes YOU feel good. That way we can continue to do our best for you as well.

If you can’t afford to donate, or for some reason don’t wish to, we’ll still be happy to play your music, and promote your events.  Because that’s what community radio is all about.  With the advent of “corporate” broadcasting, many musicians lost the ability to market to local radio stations. A lucky few have gotten some air play. But with WSLR Radio, as long as your recording is good quality, and in good taste, we’ll give it a spin for you. If other people like it and request to hear it again we’ll play it again. You can’t ask for a better response.  I know I have had a number of you on my radio program, when you have released new CD’s. and when you have big events you want to promote. I’m not asking you to go for broke. Just give a little. You’ll get a lot back in return.
Thanks for listening…….

You can call during my program from 4 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22nd. Or call any time of the day or night to make a pledge at (941) 894-6469. Be sure to mention Blues with the Velvet Hammer, or your other favorite shows. You can also donate through the WSLR links on my website, Just click on the WSLR logo and travel to the donate area. Choose your thank you gift while you’re there.

Thanks to those who have already pledged donations with me.

WSLR RadioIf you’d rather email me back with what you’d like to donate, I can report your pledge with my show total. Then if you’d like, you may give me a check when I see you at one of the many jams or performances around town. And be sure to check the “thank you” gifts that are on just click on the box near the bottom that will take you there. Often there are sets of strings, dinners, other musical equipment that have been donated by local businesses that can be yours with your donation to WSLR. So you can get a little something more than just our pledge to keep supporting you. Often, you can support WSLR with money you would have normally spent for musical supplies, or get a new CD from our enormous and much-appreciated list. Read a good book, or get a massage. Just our way of saying thank you, with the help of local businesses.

Thank you, Beth Hammer

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