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The Suncoast Post Interview with Dave Mason

Dave Mason is a member of the rock royalty of 60’s and 70’s music! Dave became friends with a guitarist named Jimi Hendrix, and they recorded Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” with Dave on 12-string acoustic guitar for Jimi’s album “Electric Ladyland”.  He has also worked with The Stones, Delaney & Bonnie, Clapton and George Harrison as well as being a founding member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band, Traffic! He recorded an album with Mama Cass in 1970. He wrote “Feelin’ Alright” which was an international hit for Traffic and recorded by many artists over the years.  No playlist is complete without having Dave’s massive solo hit “We Just Disagree” on it. Dave was a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1994-1996. You will be able to read all about Dave’s life in music in his new book coming out in May titled “Only You Know and I Know”

Dave Mason

At 76, Dave is on the road and bringing his “Endangered Species” tour to the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater on Saturday, February 4th. Opening for Dave is Thunderstorm Artis, who appeared on Season 18 of The Voice. Dave took time to talk to us about his career and life.

SP: Dave, I know you posted on Facebook about David CrosbyI was wondering how long did you know David Crosby?

DM: I had done shows with him many times throughout the years. I first met him before Crosby, Stills and Nash were official. We spent time at Cass Elliot’s house in Laurel Canyon. We were musical friends but not close friends.

SP: How did you come up with the “Endangered Species” name for the tour?

DM: We have already lost three people recently, Christine McVie, Jeff Beck and Crosby, When I thought of it, I was referring to me and being somewhat tongue-in-cheek at the time but now it takes on another meaning. I also meant for it to highlight the animal species who are endangered in our world.

SP: What is your setlist like on this tour?

DM: I don’t have any new music per se. There are songs from my solo albums along with Traffic stuff that I have rearranged, my versions of certain things. It’s not everything, there is always something that somebody wanted I didn’t do. The main stuff is in there like my biggest song “Feelin’ Alright”.

SP: I love the Dave Mason & the Quarantines version of “Feelin” Alright!” Sammy Hagar, Michael McDonald, Mick Fleetwood, Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston, and John McFee. A great line-up! People can catch this on YouTube. Did you put this together?

Dave Mason

DM: Yes, it was cool. It was meant to put a little something out there while everybody was locked away. It came out great. They are all people I know somewhat and Mick Fleetwood I have known for a long time from when I was in that version of Fleetwood Mac (laughs).

SP: Do you still live in Hawaii?

DM: I do have a place in Maui but mostly these days I live in northern Nevada. Maui is beautiful but a long way out there in the Pacific Ocean.

SP: Looking forward to seeing your show in Clearwater at the Capitol Theatre

DM: We have a great band. In fact, I had a new drummer who had his first show last night. He’s really good and he lives in Maui right around the corner from my house. (Laughing)

SP: You have Thunderstorm Artis from Season 18 of The Voice as an opening act. Did you see him on The Voice? How did that come about?

DM: No, I don’t really watch those shows. He did some shows for us last year on the California run and he is very good and was able to come back. He might not be on every show of the tour but most of them  

DM: The book “Only You Know and I Know” will be coming out in May. All of my musical highlights will be in it. It is my life journey up to this point.

Check out Dave’s website for tour and book info at Dave Mason Music. 

Photos courtesy of Dave Mason Facebook and Suncoast Post archives.

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