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Guilty Pleasures Band, Tom McKnight, Chris Dallenbach, Mike Snyder, Steve Snipes

“The Guilty Pleasures” …absolving us ALL thru their Music!

| Sande Caplin |

When Tom MacKnight 1st told me he was naming his new band “The Guilty Pleasures”, I was both intrigued and amused!!!!  The genre of the Band aside, I thought this name had universal appeal!  Who amongst us does NOT have a ‘guilty pleasure’?    CLEVER marketing there, Tommy Mack!!!

Tommy says that the reason they named the band The Guilty Pleasures is, that  “…they play the songs that bring back memories;  make you dance;  and make you sing in the car when no one’s looking”.  As far as singing in the car (or the shower), this writer can certainly identify!

The band wanted to do songs that no one was doing around town.  They felt like most the bands play the same music and they wanted to do something a little bit different. The focus of their music is to get people up and dancing, partying and having a lot of fun. Most of their music is high-energy from the 80s, 90s and 2000. Of course, they also do a few slow songs so everybody can get a little close.

All the musicians in the band are accomplished musicians. Most of them have played in local bands here in town. There is a definite chemistry between all the band members in this lineup. The rhythm section is very tight, allowing both Steve Sipes and Tom a lot of room musically. Steve and Tom are both wireless so at any time expect them to leave the stage and come join the audience!

As far as joining the audience, don’t be surprised if either Steve Sipes or Tom actually JUMP off the stage to get there!!  We’ve all heard the description “a high-energy band”, but the Guilty Pleasures demonstrates a new meaning to this phrase!

Chris Dallenbach (or “Cosmo” as he is called), is an excellent rock ‘n roll drummer. Chris’ steady beat keeps their music moving forward.

Their bass is Mike Snyder. Mike is a seasoned musician who has played all across the country. Mike’s bass playing is perfect, holding the bottom and down with Chris’s steady beat.

Tom MacKnight (or Tommy Mack) is on guitar and vocals. In Tom’s younger years,  he’s played with many musicians you’ve heard on the radio in both the studio and in live performances.  

Steve Sipes,  lead vocal and keyboards,  plays a keytar which is a combination of keyboard and guitar. This means that Steve will never be in the same place at any given time.  Watching Steve sing, dance, jump AND play his instrument ALL at the SAME time is a part of the Band’s unique stage presence.

The response to the band has been amazing. It’s tough getting a band started but every location they have played, they have been invited back. Again the mixture of playing music that’s different;  what people want to hear;  and engaging their audience is the difference.  It is apparent when you see and hear them, that they ALL have a blast playing together.  Their enthusiasm & fun are absolutely CONTAGIOUS!!

Steve and Tom are currently working on some original music.  They will be mixing these into their lineup in the near future.
LeslieSRQ Productions is excited to announce, that “The Guilty Pleasures” will be playing at the “Lady in Red/Men in Black” Dance Party at Tarpon Pointe on Saturday, September 27th.  

Here is the link to the party for additional information:

Please check out the Band’s website at:  (Pictures, video, song list, etc.)

Their Facebook page is  (Please sign up and like!)

Lady In Red

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