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Betty Fox Band, Photo supplied by Myakka Blues Festival from Facebook

So Much Love, So Much Peace: The Myakka Blues Fest

| Sande Caplin |

If you attended the Myakka River Blues Fest yesterday, you know what I mean….so much love, so much peace and of course great food, drink and music.

I thought that last years event was fabulous; well this one was even better.  Congratulations to my friend Steve Arvey and his team and the Suncoast Blues Society for putting on an absolutely tremendous show.  

The Myakka River again was the star of the show.  It’s beautiful and it tells a different story every time you look at it.  It is a special treasure on our Suncoast.  

Katt Graeber, Photo supplied by Sandi Dogherty from Facebook

I came early and got a chance to hear my pal, Katt Graeber and her band “The Howling Dogs.”  Katt was fabulous.  By the way Katt will be performing at the next “Ladies Sing the Blues Event” on September 11.  There were so many bands performing yesterday.  The complete list is below!  I was getting a bit tired (I’m old!) and was thinking about heading home.  My friend said, “we have to hear Betty Fox. You will get blown away!”  I have heard lots & lots of bands….well I admit I have never heard Betty sing live.  We stayed, I listened, I smiled and thought “this lady is just a bit special!”  Special in a way that I have never heard before.  This is a story for another day!

Photo Supplioed by Simone Halle on Facebook

It was a great Memorial Day Weekend!  The Myakka River Blues Festival made it just a little better.

Groups that performed:  Lady Katt & The Howling Dogs, Harmonica Blowout with Professor Harp, Hurricane Hawk, Steve Arvey & Steve Scott, Berry Oakley & Skylab Blue, Betty Fox Band, Sarasota Slim Band with Kid Nitro & Nitro Boseman and the Ghost Town Blues Band.

Photo credit / supplied by Sandi Dougherty, Simone Hallel from Facebook and the Myakka Blues Festival from Facebook.

Ghost Town Blues Band

Steve Arvey and Friends

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