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Shotgun Justice-This Ain’t No Boy Band…

I was buzzed to be doing an interview with Shotgun Justice, a super-tight, awesome, feel-good band from AMI. As if they need an introduction! You only have to see them once to get hooked on the well-rehearsed sound of perfect harmonies and a wealth of talent behind the sounds of guitars, keyboards and drums. I was speaking to Jimmy Lally and JR, two of the original members of Shotgun Justice, who have been together for over 4 years, and as all bands do, they have morphed into their present incarnation. I really really liked the fact that neither JR nor Jimmy had a bad word to say about anyone, including those who used to be part of their band. Instead, I picked up a really positive vibe, as if “all is fair in love and music”. I was impressed.

Having seen them perform several times, those performances stayed in my mind as some of the best times I’ve had watching any local band. This band is easily one of the hardest working bands around. They have an 18 foot trailer that carries their gear, which is pretty serious, and can be seen playing at Tarpon Pointe twice a month, Woody’s once a month, and at various times of the month at Flounders, Englewood on Dearborn, and other venues. Shotgun Justice knows what makes their audience happy, so they do Jessica, by the Allman Brothers, Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, Love the One You’re With, by CSNY, and Seven Bridges Road, by the Eagles. They wanted to give a shout out to the staff who take good care of them at each venue, that it means a lot to them to be treated especially well.

Live Music Sarasota Bradenton FloridaThere are so many more songs they play so well that you can’t take your eyes off them; this is not a band that you can eat hamburgers and fries to…they literally eat up your attention and give you such a good time that you don’t want to be doing anything but watching, hearing, seeing, and taking it all in…the Shotgun Justice Experience! Listen to their latest original tunes like No Lost Cause, and Shootin’ it Straight.

Talking to Jimmy, I just thought I’d ask him the typical “who were your musical influences coming up?” He says, “my parents were both musicians, and they started sneaking me into their gigs to play”- how cool is that! He also plays the sax and a little keyboard. I had to admit to JR and Jimmy that their band, as far as looks go, are pure eye candy…no boys band stuff, just real men up there on stage having a ball, which is so contagious to an audience, especially of women. No disrespect meant by that. These are very talented, good-looking, fun, guys. Who could ask for anything more?

Jimmy Lally Bradenton Beach FloridaGreat news! Shotgun Justice hope be going into the studio soon and record an original music CD and maybe a DVD. JR and Jimmy and the band are ready to take the band to the next level and are anxious to get out and be the cover band to starring acts in bigger venues. These guys have 9-5 jobs as well as a steady rehearsal schedule that is first and foremost as far as keeping that tight sound. Most bands do not harmonize vocally, but this band has it down because of many hours of rehearsals, and it shows. This is a band made of men of like-mindedness. It works for them because they are of the same mind and share the same drive.

Shotgun Justice is comprised of the following talented members: Jimmy Lally, lead guitar and vocals; John “JR” Reding, lead vocals and base guitar; Charlie Whitt, vocals and guitar, Paul Brandon, drums and vocals, and Donnie John, keyboards and vocals. They do love to have a good time and Jimmy and JR said it’s a bit like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis! The band is a tight team and they admit they owe a lot to their Producer/Engineer/Sound Guy Lenny Long.

Put all those components together and it just runs smooth as silk. Like them on their Facebook Page and see their performance schedule on Reverbnation.

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