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Shania Twain's NOW Tour Hits the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL

Shania Twain’s NOW Tour Hits the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL

| Vicky Sullivan |

Shania Twain has not played a show in Tampa since July of 2004! She’s had a few things on her plate since then. She has been through a very public divorce, contracted Lyme disease, lost her voice and wasn’t sure she would sing again! But in triumphant fashion, Shania came back!

She worked hard to find the reason for losing her voice and with doctors help and a voice regimen, her voice came back. She found love again and got married. For the first time in her career she has written an entire album by herself. Thinking her 2015 “Rock this Country” tour was going to be her last, Shania started to write. She had not recorded a record in 15 years. This was such a personal record she has said, that she wanted to perform it live.

On Saturday night in Tampa over 13,000 fans came to the Amalie Arena to see the Queen of Country Pop!  Music royalty she is, Ms. Twain has sold over a hundred million records! The crowd was adorned in the latest fashion in cowboy boots and hats.

Shania made her entrance to the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with a solo drummer pounding to the beat. She made her way down through the screaming crowd, walking the floor shaking hands with fans in an evening gown and a cowboy hat.

Shania Twain sings a duet with her opening act Bastian Baker at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FLFrom the opening number you knew this was going to be a big production and why wouldn’t it be. Big screen graphics, dancers, full band, background singers and great lighting. Shania gave her fans a two-hour show of her hits and new music from NOW! A duet “Party of Two” with her opening act Bastian Baker is a crowd pleaser. Baker has had some hit records in Switzerland and also served as a coach on The Voice Belgium.

Flying high above the crowd on a guitar case strumming a guitar to her 1998 megabit “Still the One” is a touching moment of the show she devotes to the fans. There’s also plenty of high-energy fun with the dancers and background singers that support Shania with “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. At 52, Shania looks great and her many costume changes add dramatic flair to the show

For the encore, was that 1999 worldwide top 10 Grammy-winning hit, Man! I Feel Like a Woman! Which does not disappoint with Shania in knee-high boots! Considered a female anthem it was being sung loud and proud by all the women in the arena!

Shania Twain sings at her NOW tour at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FLHopefully Shania does not consider this a final tour. As her newest single and opening tune says, “Life is About to Get Good” and after all she has been through, it’s about time!

Photos courtesy of Vicky Sullivan / Rock the Lens Photography.

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