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Sebastian Bach Rocks Sarasota at The White Buffalo Saloon

Sebastian Bach Rocks Sarasota at The White Buffalo Saloon

| Vicky Sullivan |

On Saturday night, The White Buffalo Saloon was packed to the max for a sold-out show with rocker Sebastian Bach! Bach the lead singer of Skid Row from 1987-1996, has been touring solo with his “Home Away” tour. Baz talked about his first time coming to Florida and opening for Bon Jovi in 1989! He has worked with about everyone in the rock world from Axl Rose to Steven Tyler. He called out to Sarasota several times about how great they came out and sold out the show.

He delivered what the crowd came to hear with Skid Row hits, “I Remember You” and 80’s anthem “18 and Life” as well as other Row tunes. A cover of Hendrix “Little Wing” and a tribute to music lost in recent years, Sebastian called out Gregg Allman, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell and the Godfather of metal Lemmy with a cover of Motorhead’s “Dance on your Grave”. Screaming and his head swinging, Baz is a veteran of his genre. Even with going thru surgery in 2017, his voice is holding up just fine thank you. He engages with the crowd and keeps the pace moving except when his battery pack went out from sweating! But like he said, “It’s not Rock & Roll if you aren’t sweating”! The band has Brent Woods on guitar, Rob DeLuca on bass who look like bookends on either side of Bach and Bobby Jarzombek behind the drum kit.

White Buffalo Saloon Sarasota FloridaA great night of rock for Sarasota! Monte Pittman opened for Bach! Pittman is Madonna’s long-time guitarist and guitar teacher. He has toured with her since 2001 and he was also in a hard rock band called “Citizen Vein” with an unknown singer named Adam Lambert. He was Lambert’s guitarist on his debut album after American Idol. Pittman’s band was tight playing cuts from his new “Between the Space” album. Former Slayer drummer Jon Dette and wild bass player Eli Santana are working with Pittman. Canadian rockers “One Bad Son” (OBS) started the show and have been makin a name for themselves in the U.S.

Kudos to the White Buffalo Saloon and Kellys Live/No Clubs for bringing some national rock acts to Sarasota on a more intimate level. Many people were excited that Bach and others are coming, and fans can see them up close and personal. Firehouse is coming Friday, November 9th! Rock On!

Photos by Vicky Sullivan / Rock the Lens Photography

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