Sean Chambers- Trouble & Whiskey

Sean Chambers- Trouble & Whiskey

Raw, real, and guaranteed to connect with fans is how Sean Chambers is describing his new album set to release on March 17th.   And for a guy who exudes soul and heart in every guitar lick and word sung, keeping it real is what he’s been doing his entire life.

Florida born Sean Chambers is one of those musicians who has stood the test of time, playing with greats like Hubert Sumlin and headlining Blues festivals near and far. But he is equally comfortable playing an impressive gig circuit which takes him all over Florida and throughout the Southeast. Described as “A bad ass, a monster and the torchbearer that’s leading and lighting the way for the next generation of players and fans,” by Chris Spector of Midwest Record Chicago, Sean is fast to pass credit on to his band, his guys, which includes Todd Cook on bass/vocals, Kristopher Schnebelen on drums, Michael Hensley on the Hammond B3, and Sean bringing in guitar/vocals.

It’s always interesting to learn when an artist of any medium discovered his talent. Was it hard-earned, where hours and days in musical classes taught proper technique and a discriminating palate for certain musical genres? Was a teenage band an escape from the everyday doldrums, creating a person who couldn’t function in a 9 to 5 setting and who craved to be on a stage? For Sean, who at the tender age of 10 years old knew he loved music and wanted to perform, a sensible solution from his parents set him on his way. They offered to purchase a musical instrument along with four lessons so he could test the waters of his new-found passion. His first choice was drums, which was vetoed by parents who also desired a peaceful, quiet household. His second choice was guitar and though he found the lessons tedious, his parents insisted he attend each one. While his mother listened intently to his practice sessions, Sean wavered from the monotonous teachings his musical teachers had in mind and began to jam by ear. He quickly learned he could play almost anything by listening and eventually taught himself to read music. So, in Sean’s case, it was more a matter of being born with a talent that patient and supportive parents nurtured. He had discovered his passion which would turn a boy with a dream into a blues musician with a plan. He began working hard at his dream and has not wavered from or regretted his decision.

July 4, 2016 in Niagara Falls, NY

Sean Chambers is keenly excited for the release of his new album, dubbed “Trouble & Whiskey.” Unlike his last album which he recorded with studio musicians, he is excited to have recorded this one with his band. Without a multi-layering of backup singers and horns, he feels the songs will ring very true, in a stripped-down, emotional way. On stage, like many blues guitarists, Sean is no-frills, just a guy feeling the music in a palpable manner that transcends to the audience. He thinks his ten songs, seven originals and three covers, which play homage to some of his gone but not forgotten idols including B.B. King, are going to resonate with their fans. Special guests on the CD include John Ginty on “Travelin North,” who co-wrote the song with Sean, and is the keyboard player for the Dixie Chicks, and Jimmy Bennett, the guitarist for the Alexis P. Suter Band.

Sean and his wife Karen, also the band’s merchandiser, are enjoying living in Fort Myers, playing gigs at clubs all over the state with the band, including a couple of their favorites, Ace’s and Blue Rooster, recording albums, and living the dream life. He understands that in most of the cities he and the guys play in, there is some kid with a guitar with the potential to be the next great guitarist. He doesn’t take that lightly since in this internet driven world, kids don’t have the perseverance to make it in the music industry. He is a successful example of a self-taught musician, with heart and aptitude, delivering gut-wrenching blues and inspiring the next generation of fans and guitarists to go for their dreams.

Be sure to check out Sean’s new album which will be released March 17th. The Sean Chambers Band will be playing locally that night at Blue Rooster. Please visit their website at

Sean Chambers Band

Photos courtesy of Sean Chambers.

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