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Savannah Brady

Savannah Brady…A Lovely Young Lady!

| Sande Caplin |

I had a chance to sit down and have dinner with Savannah Brady and her mom and dad, Jodie and Tom.  They are kind and gracious people, and you’ll never meet nicer, down-to-earth folks.

I first heard Savannah sing, play the violin and guitar, a couple of months ago at the Flying Dog Cafe.  I immediately knew that this very talented 14 year old young lady was “going places!”  She was absolutely awesome.  She came to a couple of “open jams” at the Dog and received a standing ovation.  That is when I got the idea to have Savannah join “Ladies Sing the Blues.”

Savannah likes Classic Rock, Classic Country and the Blues!  Some of her favorite artists are Jim Croce, Diana Ross, Otis Redding and Ray Charles.  Her teacher and mentor is Jimi Gee a local Sarasota musician.  I asked Savannah when she started singing and she said “it was when she started to talk!”  She took her first violin lesson at age 5 and the guitar at 13.  Mom Jodie said that she never colored, never had any crayons, no dolls…..It was always just music, music music!

Being a straight “A” student, her parents went on to tell me that since the 3rd grade, Savannah has gone to “Virtual School” at home at the Connection Academy.  She does everything on line and uses no text books.  Her friends all have something related in the music field.

Savannah Brady Violin Player

Some other interesting facts about Savannah:  Everyone who sees her always has something very special to say about her musical talent…….singing, playing the violin and the guitar…”she is awesome.”  I asked her about her outstanding curly hair, which reminds me of a grown-up Shirley Temple.  Well, it turns out that until the age of 9 she had straight hair, and then presto…….it started coming in curly!  With her talent in dressing in the latest fashions, and her ability to reach a wide audience with her unexpected mastering of her instruments, Savannah has an appeal that will continue to bring her fans of all ages.  This is a very rare quality in this world.

I am honored to have met the Brady’s and am so looking forward to watching Savannah perform at Ladies Sing the Blues on March 26th at Primo Ristorante.  I hope you’ll be there too. Not only will you get to meet Savannah up close and personally, but you’ll also meet 14 other phenominal ladies who will be belting it out for a worthy cause that night, The American Business Woman’s Association.  See you there!

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