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Sarasota’s Twinkle & Rock Soul Radio- Not Just a Band, They Are a Rock n Roll Extravaganza!

Sarasota’s Twinkle & RockSoulRadio- Not Just a Band, They Are a Rock n Roll Extravaganza!

| Laura Bell Adams |

I have been following and admiring Twinkle Yochim and her band Twinkle & RockSoulRadio for many years. Twink is a very special lady who I consider a great friend.

Last Saturday night we went to “Motorworks Brewing” to hear the band and enjoy some food and, of course, some locally brewed beer!



Well, what a surprise! Once it got dark the “extravaganza” was in full swing. Bass player Tony LeClerc has spent hours and hours developing and showcasing a phenomenal light show that incorporates a smoke machine and a sound system that is second to none. It’s a big-time show. On any given night they have 3-4 behind the scenes tech people making sure that the sound, lights and other acoustics are working fine.

Twinkle and RockSoulRadio put on quite a show at Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton, FLThat night, lead guitarist Lenny Brooks was on vacation. Jimmy DeLisi filled in admirably. He is one of the best musicians in our town. We had a table with James and Anna with 3 of their kids! At first the kids were a bit shy, but once the band started rocking, they were up on the dance floor! It was like their first rock concert. They were in awe of drummer Benny Puckett and the show that he puts on!

Check out their website  for their latest gigs and events. Come to one of their shows! It’s a “kid friendly” show. You will love this band and will be dancing with them.

Photos from Sande Caplin & Associates



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