Sarasota’s Sweetheart, Twinkle Yochim, Put a Smile on My Face & She Doesn’t Even Know it!

Like many of us, I have not been sleeping all that well lately. I am normally an early riser, usually at 4am. Lately, I have been getting up between 2 & 3.

I get up and my brain is going in a thousand different directions. What to write about, are my website clients doing okay, are my friends and family holding up?

Well last night I woke up at 2:15am. And, I am sure that I woke up happy and with a grin on my face. I woke up happy because I thought about my pal Twinkle Yochim and a song that she wrote several years ago (about 6 years ago) “Happy State.” It’s my all-time favorite “Twinkle & Rock Soul Radio” song. No, it’s not their normal rock n roll stuff. It’s soft, it’s sweet and I just think it’s the coolest song ever. I have listened to it hundreds of times, but not lately!



Our team at Sande Caplin & Associates was involved with the music video production of the song in 2015. (All of the credits for the folks involved are at the end of the video)

So, Twinkle….my dear pal, thanks for making me smile. I hope after your friends, fans and the rest of the world watch this video they also will be in a “Happy State.”

Love you all so much.

Photo from “Happy State” Video



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