Rob Garcia, Local Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice Musician Strikes a Chord with Rock ‘n’ Roll Show

Rob Garcia, Local Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice Musician Strikes a Chord with Rock ‘n’ Roll Show

The lights dim in the theater, and a giant projection screen comes to life to transport you to the humble beginnings of rock ‘n’ roll. Before you know what is happening, Robert Garcia is singing and playing guitar to contemporary sounding, energetic arrangements of some of the most recognizable hit-parade songs of the 50’s. That parade then marches you through seven decades of music. It hits the British invasion, Motown, 70’s classic rock, Hair Metal and more.

Robert Garcia performs "Rock n' Roll Love Letter"The show is called “Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter”, and Mr. Garcia created it. He created ALL of it, including what you see on the screen. I don’t mean he hired someone to do it; I mean he edited the video himself and synchronized it to the bass and drums that accompany him — Rob slaved over the bass and drums, too. “I wanted to create a show that would both entertain and inform, and would also leave you wanting more.”

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter” illustrates how rock ‘n’ roll changed us. It changed our music, fashion, slang, culture and the world. You leave this show feeling that we are more connected and similar than we are different. It’s relatable to so many of us. Rob says, “Whether you’re a C.E.O. or a stay-at-home mom, we all had the same posters on our wall”. Rock ‘n’ Roll has, after all, always been a uniting force.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter is a baby boomer’s dream come true, but it also offers a little something for everyone. “It’s part concert, part history lesson, and part anything-can-happen”, says Mr. Garcia. He continues, “I performed it in Sebring, and the entire 2nd act went down; it just would not work. So I picked up my acoustic guitar and we finished it THAT way. It turned out to be a very special experience for all of us. A dear friend videotaped it, and I will release it as unique content down the road.”

Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter is coming to a theater near you. The next two performances are:

The Englewood Event Center click here on September 21st at 7:00

The Charlotte County Cultural Center click here on November 24th at 7:00 pm.

You can also visit Mr. Garcia’s Facebook page click here

Photos courtesy of Robert Garcia and Vicky Sullivan / Rock the Lens Photography

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