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Rick Springfield at the Van Wezel


| Vicky Sullivan |

Sarasota Post / Rock The Lens Photo                  

Rick Springfield turned 67 two weeks ago!  You would never know it by his show Thursday night at the Van Wezel.  From the opening montage of video clips of Rick as a teen idol from Australia to General Hospital’s Dr. Noah Drake, Rick has been on the scene since the 70’s.  He has been a musician long before he was an actor but has had a good career with both.  Recently he has worked with Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl for his “Sound City” film and co-starred in this summer’s film with Meryl Streep, in “Ricki and the Flash”.

The SRQ crowd was in top form for Rick and his band.  He played all the hits including “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, “Affair of the Heart”, “Human Touch” and of course that blockbuster #1 hit, “Jessie’s Girl”, lyrics which are timeless to any teen that has been in unrequited love.  Springfield played for 90 minutes and gave it his all.  It was a workout watching him!

He got the audience in the act by bringing out a GoPro attached to a microphone and having people sing into the mic while the camera put them on the big screen.  Several local kids invited by Rick onstage joined in by singing “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, it made for a fun time for all.  Rick jumped into the crowd and worked his way up the seats with the help of concertgoers.  He took selfies and hugged people while making his way through.  He is accompanied by an engaging group of musicians who each take their turn in the spotlight during the show.  Springfield himself did an impressive guitar solo.   His musicianship has always been underrated because of his pop star status but he deserves much better than that.   

Rick has played at the Van Wezel several times over the years so if you missed this show be sure and catch him next time he is in town, it will be a rockin’ night of great music!

Live Music at the Van Wezel CenterSarasota Post / Vicky Sullivan Photo

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