Rg Solo Act, Not So “Solo” Anymore

Rg Solo Act, Not So “Solo” Anymore

You may remember Rob Garcia from a story we did regarding the one man theater show he created entitled “Rock n Roll Love Letter”, a 70 year look at the music that changed our lives. A lot has happened for the Venice based local musician since then. For starters, he’s got a band now. They’re called “Jukebox Assassins”.


Jukebox Assassin’s style is very unique in that we will endeavor in to any any era (we do songs as far back as 1946) and any genre (we do accapella, Rock, Soul, Funk, Disco) But, we do it with our own sound. A high energy, danceable, fun mix with a blend of hard edged guitars, 3 part harmony, intricate rhythms (that may or may not have been in the original version) and rock solid, thunderously pounding, bass that will keep you moving. You can find them on their FB page here. 



Jukebox Assassins play several types of music from several eras in Sarasota, FLMy (our…YOUR!) Band “Jukebox Assassins” are:
Erika Flaskamp – Lead Vocals
Jason Stander – Drums,Percussion,BGVox & more
Santiago Rodriguez – Bass and BG Vox
Robert Garcia – Guitars, Lead Vox, BG Vox

As if THAT was not enough to keep you on your toes, through his 2 year affiliation with local area promoter Sun Events (www.sunevents.com) Rob will be leaving on July 16 for the first leg of a 40 city tour of the United States doing HIS part for the Peace and Love Tour (celebrating 50 yrs since the Woodstock Concert). The show is real cool in that it captures the spirit of Woodstock.

Robert Garcia and Erika Flaskamp of Jukebox Assassins harmonizing.From the time the doors open in the lobby you will experience:

Strolling Performers (often times me)
Spin Art
Photo Booth
Tie Dye clothing

It’s almost circus like. Then I am actually the support act, I come out and do 30 or 40 mins of 60’s era folk/singer songwriter tunes. Then the other band (Paisley Craze) does an hour and a half, when I also join them on a few numbers. It’s really cool. You can stay on top of when that tour will be near you  on their events page here. 

I can not even begin to thank Joe Gallimore from Sun Events for not only masterminding the whole concept, but for having faith and confidence in me, my show “Rock n Roll Love Letter” and, of course, for putting me on this tour. You can find out more about Rob at: robertgarciasoloact.com .

Rob also wishes to thank the folks at whirlwindusa.com  for making road worthy products and Chris Trifilio at chemistrydesignwerks.com .com for the greatest solution to pedalboards since the pedal itself.

Photos credit to Colleen Turley.

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