Lani Copp


Lani Copp…a Female Drummer Who Can Hold Her Own
by Laurie Mirkin

To me it’s such a trip seeing a female drummer so I can’t wait to see Lani play at Ladies Sing the Blues on March 26th at Primo, in Sarasota.  Lani is relatively new to Sarasota.  She moved from Dover, New Hampshire  to Sarasota 5 years ago to be closer to her parents.Music is in her blood.  She first played the drums as a teenager to fill in at the Dover, New Hampshire Legion Hall when her Dad’s drummer was sick.  He took a chance on her and her Dad could not believe how good she was and paid her $5 for the night!  Ever since 1973, Lani has been playing. Now, at the Oneco Legion 319 once a month, Post 24 Legion once a month, DAV 63rd, also Saramana & Wilkinson Eagles, and so many other venues.  Her band is called Lani-C-and Company and she loves their current team, who got together 7 months ago and are in it for the long haul.

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Jimi Gee


Interview With Jimi Gee, Gender Bender at Large
by Laurie Mirkin

In this world where everyone wants to look the same, dress in trendy styles and are really not concerned about having any original ideas, when Jimi walks into the room, you have to look, long and hard.  A combination of Cher and Alice Cooper in clothes and makeup, Jimi can be flamboyant one minute and quietly reserved, the next.  One thing is for sure: when you meet him, you know you’ve met someone AMAZING!  The more we talked, the more enchanted I was.

Jimi comes from Queens, and Long Island, New York. He always loved music and decided, exactly on February 9th, 1964, when he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show  that he was going to be himself and express himself with his hair, clothing and makeup.  So he dresses just the way he wants to and that makes him feel free.  He loves makeup and wears it well.  I was jealous at the way he applied his mascara to almost look like false eyelashes.  His students and parents of students are crazy about Jimi.  He’s a gender bender and none of that gets in the way of him being one of the best music teachers in the Sarasota / Bradenton area.

Have a kid who doesn’t like to learn?  Here’s a teacher who illicits excitement about music and where everyone gets to play a part.  Kids come to him for help, advice, and mentoring.  Although his main love is the acoustic guitar, I’ve seen Jimi play almost

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Carolyn Davis Sarasota Florida


Carolyn Davis doesn’t act like she’s someone special.  She’s just quietly talented and doesn’t give much thought to how integral a part she plays with her voice, keyboard talents and guitar abilities. She plays for the sheer delight of it, and lights up a room with her smile and her voice.  On Thursday night jams at the Flying Dog Café on Tallevast Road in Sarasota, Florida, Carolyn is right there where we all want her to be.  Singing everything from Bonnie Raitt to Gladys Knight while tickling the ivories and injecting her personal style into the mix, she is just a happy, feel-good person who can uplift the spirit in the room with just a few notes.  You can probably tell that Carolyn is my friend, yet I haven’t totally lost my objectivity.  Ask anyone in the music scene from Bradenton through Sarasota and beyond and they know Carolyn both for her talent and her sweet personality.

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Contact: Benjamin Neider
Guitar Center Studios

Phone 941-358-6792
Fax 941-351-4009

8223 Cooper Creek Blvd.
University Park, FL


Guitar Center Studios

Press Release

Free Live Rock Concert at The Flying Dog Café

Guitar Center Studios presents 3 bands for their first GCS Rockshow! of 2013.

Sarasota, FL Friday February 8th 2013, Guitar Center Studios will kick off the first Rockshow! event of the year at The Flying Dog Café from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. The free live show will feature the newest GC Studios Rockshow! group Monroe along with the GC Studios All Star Group and special guest Kevin Blakely’s Band. Styles of the musical performances will range from jazz, pop to heavy rock.

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Mr. Hot Sauce Steve Arvey


Meet the Music Man, Steve Arvey……

Meeting Steve Arvey in Starbucks in the morning is an interesting experience.  He’s trying to crank himself awake with some high-test coffee and making jokes with a totally straight face.  My favorite one is “Well, that went over like a pork chop at a Bar Mitzvah”. He is an enigma in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Tampa music scene and is probably the only musician working 6 and 7 nights a week.  That’s why meeting him at 9 a.m. is a wondrous experience.

Having grown up in Chicago, Steve was exposed to blues and rock music, but didn’t pick up a guitar till he was 13, and it wasn’t a great relationship.  He put the guitar down and didn’t pick it back up till he was 16, and then was completely motivated to become a solid player.

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Dig local Sarasota bands?  Here’s one for you…  The Lauren Mitchell Band is a regional band based out of Sarasota, Florida.  Just getting ready to release their first album, they’re a great with lot’s of new original songs..  Look for Lauren at the next Ladies Sing the Blues event!  VisitContinue Reading


Sarasota’s own Main Street Station band entertains all with songs from yester-years.  They can found playing under the neon lights of many of the local Sarasota haunts and shouldn’t be missed.  A great group of entertainers that seem to draw a great following where ever they get together.Continue Reading