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No Reading, Just Rocking

| Sande Caplin |

Savannah Brady at the Selby Library, Sarasota, Florida

A first timer to Selby Library would have thought they had made a serious mistake. Who ever heard of teens playing electric guitars, drums, and other instruments in the middle of a library? Well that’s exactly what happened Saturday night! There was definitely no reading or whispering in that place because it was their third annual Band Bash. Believe me, the library was Rocking!

The Sarasota County Libraries and The Friends of Selby Library did an amazing job putting together this free event for the teens of Sarasota. Although it was planned for teens there was something for every age group besides listening to the bands which included The Anderson Brothers, 21 Days Remain, Pure Organic Trio, SNAPM, and the Savannah Brady Band. The library had crafts, games, a photo booth by A Shot of Fun, instruments from Guitar Center, and food provided by Bob Evans, Bob’s Boathouse, Panera Bread, & Publix.

To say I had the time of my life would be an understatement! Sure it was a bit intimidating to be in the same line up with so many talented musicians, but I felt confident being on stage with my amazing band which includes Sheree Barnes (guitar & vocals), Jonathan Shrader (drums), and Taylor Panico (Bass). Even though I am the front person in the band, Sheree, Jonny, & Taylor carry their weight. I tell them “thank you” all the time, but I don’t know if they really know how much I appreciate them. They are all fantastic musicians, but most importantly they are wonderful people who are my friends as well. I feel so blessed to be able to make music with them. Thank you Sheree, Johnny, & Taylor for always having my back and all the sacrifices you make for me.

There are so many people to thank so I hope I don’t leave anyone out. First of all, the audience was awesome! It really means a lot when I meet new people who say they enjoyed listening to the Savannah Brady Band. Thank you to my family and friends for all your support. I want to especially thank my parents for letting me chase this dream, driving me to gigs, and for helping me carry all the equipment. I also appreciate my band members’ families who help us carry the gear and set up.

I’ve been gigging for a while now and have played at festivals and various charity events so I know you have to be prepared for anything. Usually when there are several different acts going on one right after the other, there isn’t a lot of time to set up. It can be a little stressful, but that wasn’t the case at Selby Library. Band Bash was a stress-free zone! In fact, it has to be the easiest event I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The planners thought of every little detail to make a smooth transition between bands. A huge Thank you goes to Selby’s librarian Marilyn Nykiforuk, The Friends of Selby Library, DJ Joey, the sound guys, and all the volunteers for working so hard to give the teens of Sarasota such an extraordinary night of fun!
As you can see, Selby Library really knows how to plan a party! If the teens of Sarasota are lucky, Band Bash will be back next year. I just hope my band I are invited back to perform.

Savannah BradySavannah Brady’s Bio:
15 years old, Savannah has studied violin for ten years and guitar for three years. Her violin teacher is Cynthia Wiley, guitar teacher is Jami Gee, and vocal coach is Kodi Sells. She has attended several Suzuki Violin workshops and Sarasota Youth Orchestra’s Summer with the Symphony programs. She has played violin with the North Port Symphony Orchestra, performed in Ladies Sing the Blues, and is a former member of the Jimi Gee Jr. All-Stars. This past winter she had the honor of playing with the Suncoast Super Strings under the direction of Itzhak Perlman. She currently fronts The Savannah Brady Band where she plays guitar and sings. Savannah has also received superior scores for nine consecutive years at the district festival through the Florida Federation of Music Clubs for violin solos. You can find Savannah playing and singing around the community at various venues.

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