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New Music & Entertainment Venue Opens in Bradenton, Florida

A hot new music and entertainment venue has opened in Bradenton, Florida. Two of the nicest people you ever want to meet are partners in “88 Live Piano Bar.”

Matt Coates opened the establishment right smack in the heart of the Covid19 pandemic. He readily admits that opening during that time was a mistake and he almost lost the business. Well, along came Sherry Elliott! A “Jersey Girl,” Sherry brings a whole new vibe to the table and the two of them are a fabulous team.

Things are really hopping at 88 Live Piano Bar. It’s more than just a piano bar.  Some of the best local musicians are performing there along with nationwide acts. They have comedy shows and all kinds of special events.

This music and entertainment venue is a happening place. It looks like a New York City nightclub inside that has a huge stage for the performers. There is a special VIP section for those who really want to go all out.

Hungry? Piano Bar 88 has great pizza and sandwiches. Cocktails? The bar is well stocked with your favorite beer and some of the best top-shelf liquor.

Big News! Sherry and Matt have gotten together with the team from Sande Caplin & Associates and a brand-new state-of-the-art website is in the process of being developed. It should be ready by the New Year! In the meantime, visit their Facebook page, or you can view the entertainment schedule on the website.

Photos from 88 Live Bradenton and Sande Caplin & Associates

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