Sarasota’s Top Band Kettle of Fish During A Pandemic

2020, a new decade started off with a bang, then quickly went straight into an episode from the twilight zone. It still feels surreal when out in public to look around and see everyone from grandmas and parents to small children, with masks on.

Musicians and live music have taken a hard hit from the virus COVID19, along with restaurants and bars. For many musicians, this is their livelihood and getting unemployment is slim to none. It’s a balancing act for local bands to try and be safe themselves and still work and provide a-little light and happiness that music brings for all of us in these peculiar times.

Musicians Pandemic Impact

Dana Lawrence, founder, and lead singer for the local Sarasota band Kettle of Fish is doing all he can to keep his bandmates safe and working and providing listeners and fans with great music.  Dance floors might be roped off and you have to stay seated at a table and your waitstaff are in masks but what a welcome relief to get out for a bite to eat, have a cold one and tap your toes to your favorite tune.

With venues stressed for revenue, many musicians have gone to solo acts, understandably. Dana Lawrence has done a great job keeping his guys working together as much as possible in venues such as Stottlemyer’s, Big Top Brewing, Siesta Key Oyster Bar, and other outdoor venues. Dana has a weekend solo gig at Marina Jacks in Sarasota most every Friday and Saturday night and has his band working together at Big Top Brewing every Sunday from 4:30-7:30.

A Little More from Kettle of Fish

The Kettle of Fish lineup consists of Dana Lawrence on lead vocals and guitar, Greg Poulos, lead guitar and vocals, Chris Guertin on bass, Pat McDonald on drums and Robin Swenson on keys. The band recently played a swing dance for Dynasty Dance Studio, where dancers were decked out in every way including in their masks. It is very strange times; we are all trying to stay safe and keep each other safe but we are also learning to live in this new normal. Music is a healer, so dance in your kitchen and if you feel it’s safe, don your mask and come out and listen to some live music and support your local establishments and let’s all hope this episode of the twilight zone will soon be in the rearview mirror.  

Photo from Cynthia Caroline

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