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Kim Betts Favorite Record Album, The Bangles- Different Light

| Sande Caplin |

THE BANGLES “Different Light” This was very difficult for me because I love all music so much and have many albums that I consider favorites.  My taste really spans all genres of music but, after a lot of thought, I really kept going back to my youth and focusing on the songs that shaped me as a young female performer. 

The Bangles were an all girl, pop rock group consisting of Vicki and Debbi Peterson (sisters), Susanna Hoffs and Michael Steele.  They ruled the 80’s with their messages of female empowerment.  They sang about everything that seemed to be important to me at that influential time in my life.  The album came out in 1986 with 5 songs on the charts. Walk Like an Egyptian, Manic Monday, If she knew what she Wants, Following and Walking down your Street.  Funny how the memories flow back when you listen to songs in your life that were so inspirational.  I still remember every word.

The draw for me was this was a powerful, all girl band that had it all together.  They were beautiful, strong and sexy.  They embodied much of the equal rights movement we, as young women, fought for in the 80’s.  Well there you have it.  80’s pop rock, all girl, kick ass attitude…Different Light from the Bangles. 

The Bangles- Different Light
photo from Wikipedia

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