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Kettle of Fish

Kettle of Fish- Exciting News!

| Sande Caplin |

To quote Laurie Mirkin from the new Kettle of Fish website, “everyone wants a home band.  You know, the kind whose songs you know all the words to, and they’re about what you’re going through, where you grew up, and when you walk into the club they’re up on stage giving you the wink or the wave, because you’re part of the Kettle of Fish family.” You’ve been with them from the start, back in 2001 when you spent every Wednesday at Siesta Key Oyster Bar and you’ve been following them ever since.”

Live Music Sarasota Florida I went to see Kettle of Fish a couple of years ago and recently heard them at the Myakka Blues Fest on Memorial Day weekend. That is where I met Dana Lawrence in person. We hooked up again several weeks later and Laurie did a 2 hour interview with him for the Sarasota Post. When I asked him about the band website it was kind of a touchy subject. Dana knew where I was going. The rest is history.

 We worked out the details of building a new website for the band… that employs the latest technology. My “team” at Sande Caplin and Associates had a blast building this site. We probably went through 20 different ideas. When the team hit on the “winner” we all went out for a celebration. A bunch of nerds had some fun! We are extremely proud of the new website for Kettle of Fish.

 I give to you……

Hope you enjoy it and your feedback is welcome.

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