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Karen Klarich and The Big Bad Wolves- They’re Hot!

“Karen and the Big Bad Wolves” conjures up all kinds of images. When experiencing them live, what they conjure up musically is nothing short of amazing. Without question, Karen Klarich is the leader of the pack and the Wolves are more than happy to follow.

The current wolf pack consists of Dan Ryan, Scott Matzke, Mark Skey and Rick Andre. Dan masterfully handles keyboard duties, going to the zone when called upon. Scott is one of the most talented and enthusiastic bass players to be found in Florida. Mark on guitar has abilities that span tender rhythms to note shredding. Rick on drums keeps all these wolves “howling” on the same beat.

Karen and the Big Bad WolvesAnd then there is Karen. Musicians have told me one of many things they admire about her is that Karen isn’t afraid to go there, that place of magic when singing few are brave enough to journey. Even as a non-musician, I know of where they speak. Not only will Karen go there, she will take you with her. You become convinced each song from “You’re So Vain” through “I’d Rather Go Blind” is about you. Relax, they’re about me.

I’m not alone in this sentiment. The synergy “Karen and the Big Bad Wolves” generate on stage infiltrates each member of the audience, invoking toe tapping, head bobbing and dancing. It is obvious they are having fun on stage and everyone wants to join the party. Once they have your attention, Karen will reveal her softer side and caress you with a tender love ballad.

If you are looking for a fulfilling evening of musical entertainment, track down “Karen and the Big Bad Wolves”. It is one wolf hunt you should join.

Karen and the boys will be performing at the Flying Dog Cafe, 419 Cortez Road West in Bradenton on Saturday, November 1 from 8-11pm.  There is a $5. cover which includes a “FREE” well drink or beer with dinner.

Visit Karen’s Website: www.karenklarich.webs.com

Mike Roberts
Music Enthusiast

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