Alan Cook and Karen Klarich

Karen Klarich- A Gracious Lady!

There was a birthday celebration on Saturday night, April 26 at the Flying Dog Café.  Karen Klarich brought her band, “The Big Bad Wolves” and some special guests to celebrate her birthday.  And what a party it was!  There was a great crowd….a really great crowd at the “Dog” and everyone had a fabulous time.  Lots of spirits were raised that night and smile after smile.  Karen has a way of inspiring the crowd!

Some of the performers and guests were Karen Klarich, Mark Skey, James Varnado, Steve Sipes, Scott on bass, Johnny Lopez, on percussion….Special guest(s) Allan Cook on Sax.….and a few others.  (I know I missed a few!)   Rick Fass handled the sound!

Flying Dog Cafe, Bradenton FloridaI have watched Karen perform for several years.  During this time she has changed some band members, sharpened her skills and her professionalism.  She is a great singer and entertainer.  One thing has not changed about Karen and I can only describe it in one word…..”Gracious.”   Karen makes it a point to say hi to everyone when she performs.  Or, she might even give you a wink while on stage.  (I think she did that to me!)

Karen was not feeling well Saturday night.  She had a very bad case of laryngitis.  Yesterday, I bumped into Mark Skey and he told me that he begged Karen to cancel the show.  Karen would not.  Well, you would never have known how sick she was.  She was awesome.

Yesterday, Karen put something out on Facebook that I want the large readership / audience of the Sarasota Post to read.  This is what Karen Klarich is all about:

To all of my dear friends: Your outpouring of love to me on my birthday is simply amazing and quite overwhelming. You have filled my heart with a joy that goes beyond mere words. To simply say “Thank you” doesn’t express my feelings for you and what you’ve done for me. I pray that God will fill the desires of your hearts and bring you to a place where you have so much love inside that you can’t hold it but just ‘have’ to give it away to each other….after all, that’s what you’ve done for me.”

Thank you, Karen for sharing your gift.  You can catch Karen and her band performing in our area several nights a week.  Check out her Facebook page-

Karen and the Big Bad Wolves

Bruce Famiglio's Flying Dog Cafe

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