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Bradenton River Walk

Karen K, Dana, Lauren and A Cop!

| Sande Caplin |

The choice of entertainment in Sarasota / Bradenton was overwhelming last night.  Where to go, what to do….yikes.  Don Mckeon’s “Go Tonight” website had a huge listing of shows last night.  I mapped out a plan, mapped it out again and made my decision.  Last night I came out to support 2 really great bands that we have built websites for and a favorite restaurant of mine that we built a website for. 

Karen Klarich and Mark SkeyThe evening started around 6 pm at the Swordfish Grill in Cortez.  I walked in and the outdoor deck was packed.  Happy hour, great food, “Stone Crabs,” cold beer and more.  I love the Swordfish Grill.  Every time I walk in I get greeted by a great bunch of folks.  Karen Klarich and Mark Skey were performing last night at the Grill.  The duo really gets the crowd into their show.  Everyone was singing, some dancing and just a good old time.  Next weekend, the Swordfish Grill will be hosting the 2nd Annual Cortez Stone Crab Festival.  More details to come on the website

Kettle of Fish BandThe next event was easy.  I walked next door to the “Cortez Kitchen.”  Dana Lawrence and Kettle of Fish were playing!  They were really smooth last night.  The restaurant was full and the crowd loved the show.  They played some original tunes and lots of old favorites.  Siesta Key Leigh was a special guest last night with the band and added his unique talent to a great performance.  Dana and I exchanged our usual “hi how are yah.” is one of my favorite websites.

I took a ten minute drive to the Bradenton River Walk, where there was a celebration of the one year anniversary of the opening of this fabulous park where you can enjoy concerts, festival, art talks, movies, food, volleyball, educational events, yoga, skateboarding, fishing, crafts and so much Lauren Mitchell Bandmore.  For this special event Lauren Mitchell and the Lauren Mitchell Band had the honor of performing.  I got there in between sets.  I saw all of the boys in the band, said hellos and went looking for my dear pal Lauren.  As she always does when she sees me at her shows, I got a big hello and a big hug that I felt my ribs crack!  That’s Lauren.  Their second set was awesome and the crowd had a great time.  It’s a great venue to watch a show.  Check out their tour schedule at

A side note….on my way home I got pulled over.  I wasn’t overly worried knowing that I had a coke or two.  The officer asked “me where I was coming from?  I told him about all three places that I had just been too.  He smiled and said wish I could have been there too.  Now, tomorrow morning, get your tail light fixed and have a nice evening!”  I smiled, said “thank you” and went home. 

What a pleasant evening.  Thank you Swordfish Grill and Bob Sliker, Karen Klarich and Mark Skey, Dana Lawrence and Kettle of Fish and of course Lauren and the boys.  Oh, a special “thank you” to the nice police officer!

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