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Kara Nally

Kara Nally at the Flying Dog Cafe

| Sande Caplin |

Friday night was a treat at The Flying Dog Café with Kara Nally, Bob Dielman, Graham Forbes and Tom MacKnight.  There were sweet vibrations in the air as this group of extremely talented and seasoned musicians took the stage and took over the night.  Kara has come a long way in the last year.  She’s become so much more visible, yet so laid-back,  like being up there is a cake walk.  And when the little lady opens up her mouth, if you haven’t heard her before, you’ll be shocked that this little person has a voice that fills the room!

She’s keeping good company these days…Jimi Gee, the excentric, wonderfully talented guitar player, mentor, and teacher of many happy teenaged students at the Guitar Center on University, for one.  Tom MacKnight on guitar is as smooth as silk and he takes over the guitar and makes it whine and work for him like his guitar and he are one.  Bob Dielman, who everyone in town knows of, is also a quintessential axe man and another one who plays the guitar like he invented it, like it bends to his every stroke.   World renowned Graham Forbes rounded out the group.  Kara has become a regular face and volunteer of her talent at all the Ladies Sing the Blues fundraisers and other local organizational benefits.  She enjoys giving back generously!
A real surprise was Kara playing the guitar herself.  Before you know it she’ll be jamming on the guitar as well as mesmerizing us with her voice.  Loved hearing her rendition of “Oh Darlin,” not to mention “Don’t Think Twice” with everyone showing their licks on guitars.  Kara sounded great on “Stand by Me” and does the absolute best rendition of “Angel from Montgomery.”  The feeling of the night was so different from jam nights at the Dog- this was intimate, sweet, and being able to watch Kara and the boys up close and personal was a home run.

Giving Cancer the BluesThe best server in Sarasota was on hand to keep our beers coming and take our food orders.  Amber Murphy puts many miles on those Nike’s every week and basically has been a part of the Dog from the beginning.  There are up-and-coming dates Kara has booked and you don’t want to miss this tiny dynamo and the great artists she jams with along the line.  You can find Kara on Facebook & Reverbaration!  Let me just say thanks for Friday night to the whole band.  It was unique and intimate and just one of many ways Kara can be appreciated.  And of course, “thank you” to the Flying Dog Man himself……Mr. Bruce Famiglio!  His goal in life is to make everyone feel comfortable at the “Dog” and he does a phenominal job!

Kara will be one of the headliners on Saturday, June 29 at the Cabana Inn for…….Giving Cancer the Blues.

Top Photo by Dylan Jon Wade Cox

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