Jukebox Assassins

The Jukebox Assassins Performing at the Sandbar

Version 2.0 are going to play their first gig on October 31st at Sandbar, Manasota Key at 1pm.  “Halloween seemed perfect!” – Robert Garcia. “What better date to come out for a rock band in 2020?”  Make no mistake about it, we are a rock band and we express ourselves loudly. The old fashioned way, we’re a sweat and blood band.

The band plays original music AND “Rocked out” versions of popular cover songs that date as far back as the mid 1940’s to today. We’re influenced by SO much stuff. But it’s all about havin’ fun for us, and the audience comes along.  That’s the icing on the cake.

The band consists of three members. Robert Garcia (Guitars) Norris “The Naz” Smith (Bass) and Peter John Colon II (we call him Jr. ‘cause he’s the youngest) on Drums. We want you to come down to see us, but also to be transformed back to a time when rock n roll was an exciting part of your life. We’re shooting for the stars, but aiming for your hearts. 

Jukebox Assassins Mission

We formed up just before Covid, with the intent on becoming a “road band”, touring theaters and trying our luck in that arena. Well, as it turned out that just wasn’t in the cards and probably won’t be until 2022. So… we “woodshed” practicing all the time and honing our craft to be the best band we could be when THAT time came around. Fortunately, when Florida opened up its economy again, we were presented with a few opportunities to play at some locales. 

Jukebox Assassins

Jukebox Assassins will be making the rounds, but judiciously. We still have videos to make for original songs, websites to build, and a legitimate “show” we are putting together for the theaters and the road. We won’t be as “visible as some other bands till all that is ready…but we have no intentions of being “ghosts” either. We LOVE to play.  We will be doing special gigs, and invite-only” performances (be sure to get us your email address for those) until the time comes to kick it into high gear.

New But Looking for the Stars

We are probably the newest band in the area, but we want to be YOUR party band. When you’re at one of our gigs there is no “red and blue” there is no “black and white” it’s all about inclusiveness and community, EVERYBODY having fun. We’re a “sing along, anything goes” type of band. After everything 2020 dished out to the world, we figured it was time for some “payback”. Every cover song we do was a top 20 hit or better.  We’ve written music that is mostly (not all) of an uplifting and relatable nature. We’re very proud of what we’ve done so far and are optimistic for the future. We are eager to meet you all as well. (be sure to send us your email address)

The band is SO new, that as of this writing, they are still in the process of designing their website, however, you can stay in the loop, by subscribing to Rob Garcia’s (the band’s founding member) newsletter or send him your email address directly to Wenlock1@hotmail.com

Photo From Rob Garcia

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