Jennifer Lopez Invites Orlando to her Birthday Party at the Amway Center

Jennifer Lopez Invites Orlando to her Birthday Party at the Amway Center

J-Lo’s, “It’s My Party” tour stopped in Orlando on Tuesday night, the eve of her 50th birthday! Orlando had RSVP’d with a sold-out show! What a way to celebrate! 32 shows in the U.S. that started on June 7th ending with three nights this weekend in Miami!

Kicking things off is a huge DJ stage framed in balloons and the DJ is cranking out the mixes from Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars. The NBC TV show, “World of Dance” winners – The Lab, Swing Latino and Briar Nolet opened the show with their various styles of entertaining dance moves. Jennifer is a judge and executive producer on the show in its 3rd season and this is a perfect way to showcase these young performers.



Jennifer Lopez danced with some excellent dancers at the Amway Center in Orlando, FLA video package of Lopez’ life and career flies across the video screen, as dancers appear on stage armed with bottles of champagne and balloon bouquets floating upward walking through the arena. Jennifer is lowered from the ceiling on a lighted circular swing. The birthday girl has arrived and the party is ON! This is a high energy show – would you expect anything less from the former Fly Girl and dance judge? “Medicine” and “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing” get things moving with the entire Amway Center on their feet. Ms. Lopez has an excellent group of dancers working with her who are a large part of the show, as well as the incredible high tech light show.

Jennifer Lopez danced on top of her own giant birthday cake at the Amway Center in Orlando, FLPyrotechnics bring some fun bang to the show but are not overdone. Another part in the show is when Jen asks who else is having a birthday and brings a birthday boy from the audience to sit on a chair for lap dances from two of her dancers and Jen herself sits on his lap! A hilariously, awkward scene for the birthday boy who, in Orlando, was a guy named Mike. He had no idea what he was in for when he volunteered!

A fun production of 2018’s hit “Dinero”, with Lopez making an entrance on top of a vault throwing money in the air. She gives a nod to DJ Khaled and Cardi B. pops up on the screen for her part in the tune. Appearing in a flowing red gown, J-Lo covers the Sara Bareilles song “Gravity” and says it is a favorite song of hers. Paying tribute to Selena the artist, and her first movie role playing her, she performs “Si Una vez” and gives a shout out to fellow Puerto Rican, Ricky Martin, for his part in the protests in Puerto Rico. Back to the business of music, she does a mash-up of last year’s “Limitless” from the soundtrack of her movie “Second Act” and David Guetta’s monster, “Titanium”. This is family time in the show that brings Jennifer’s talented daughter Emme on stage to duet with her famous mom. Jennifer bowing down to Emme on her knees is a beautiful mother-daughter moment.

1999’s “Waiting for Tonight” sounds great and it is hard to believe it has been 20 years since it was a worldwide hit for Lopez. “Dance Tonight” kept the mood going and by the time the first beat to “On the Floor” started it was wild! An amazingly fun and well produced show to celebrate life and music! The finale “Let’s Get Loud” had Jennifer on top of her own giant birthday cake! Streamers, confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling in celebration for one of our reigning queens of pop music, fashion, TV and movies. At 50, J-Lo is a woman who seems to have finally found personal and professional happiness. Happy Birthday to you, Jennifer Lopez!

Photos by Vicky Sullivan / The Sarasota Post

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