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Indian Classical

Indian Classical Musicians to Perform at Fogartyville in Sarasota

| Arlene Sweeting |

Fogartyville, Community Media and Arts Center, presents Vinay Desai, an Indian Classical musician who plays the Santoor, and expert Tabla player Shankh Lahiri for a stirring performance Friday, Aug. 26 at 8 p.m. at 525 Kumquat Court in Sarasota.  Discover the ancient music that inspired some of John Coltrane’s best works and was made famous by Ravi Shankar at the Monterey Pop and Woodstock festivals. One of the world’s great musical traditions, North Indian or Hindustani music features exciting melodic and rhythmic improvisation freed from conventional western harmony. 

The Santoor is a 100-stringed instrument that has its origins in the valleys of Kashmir. The tonal quality of the instrument puts listeners in deep states of meditation. Once the mood of the raag is set and the ambiance built, Lahiri will join Desai in creating powerful dynamic phrases that take the listeners on a melodic and rhythmic journey.

Tickets for the Aug. 26 performance are $20 for WSLR+Fogartyville members, $22 for not-yet-members and $10 for students (ages 13 and older).

Fogartyville is a special gathering place for those who truly appreciate music and community.  Fogartyville is Sarasota’s premier listening room, but concerts aren’t all we do.  In addition to our live concerts, we also host other arts and cultural events, educational events, and sponsor events in the community.

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For more information and to reserve your seat, visit HERE.

To learn more about Vinay Desai visit HERE

Photo from Fogartyville

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