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Greg “Stretch” Gerdes, Dark Side of the Moon- My Most Influential Album

Too many great bands and albums to try and select a “favorite”. For me the one that really stood out and opened my mind to music as medium for conveying powerful messages through great playing and creative arrangements was Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”.

The year was 1975 and I was a Freshman in High School. Our Study hall and Library had a few turntables with headphones. You could check out albums and listen to them. I discovered the Pink Floyd album and listened to it very closely time and time again. Every time finding new sounds and messages in the songs. It never seemed to get old. David Gilmour’s searing guitar solos were very moving and still are some of my favorite solos. The album was complete and moved seamlessly song to song carrying the messages and painting images in your mind through the music.  I tried to understand what they were saying and figure out what the meanings of the songs were, and what the subtle noises and talking in the background meant.

Even today that music has stood the test of time (No pun intended). For me and lot of others, I’m sure those songs are not the kind of songs you hear and feel the need to turn it off because they were worn out long ago. It seemed everyone had the album some time in their lives and it played for countless parties for many years. The music still seems have a fresh sound and tends to make one listen closely for what background words or sounds may have been missed before.

Dark Side of the Moon. Still one of the all-time great albums.


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Dark Side of The Moon, Greg “Stretch” Gerdes, Pink Floyd

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