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| Sheree Englehardt |

On the Central Florida west coast, we have been blessed to have a comprehensive local live music listing service that helps us keep up with all the action, “, Helping you find local live music!” has been on the scene for 10 years with scores, if not hundreds, of club listings daily with a great calendar feature to search for future dates. During “normal” times GoTonight is used by over 50,000 viewers every month looking for entertainment. For more information about GoTonight, please review the About Us page.

On March 30th 2020, GoTonight made an exciting announcement. They added a new page for listing online streaming shows! The idea came about after several local musicians reached out to GoTonight looking for help when the bars and restaurants closed on March 17 due to the threat of the Coronavirus. All local musicians were put out of work in traditional venues immediately!

Music in a virtual world

As a result, musicians who rely on their craft as a full-time occupation began performing from their homes and other locations using Facebook Live, Instagram, and YouTube. They would share their personal PayPal or Venmo accounts so their fans could support them financially during this unfortunate time. Soon, social media was flooded with a variety of streaming shows happening at random times, on a variety of platforms, with a variety of payment options.

It was hard for patrons to know [1] when favorite musicians would play, [2] where to find them online, and [3] and how to financially support them. If you are a music enthusiast, then you know it is very disappointing to discover that you missed a show from one of your favorite musician friends and you probably also hate it when you miss their online shows too!

How to find the streaming music

The creative forces behind Go Tonight, like you, are music enthusiasts and enjoy the musician’s journey. Like other die-hard fans, GoTonight wanted to be there for the musicians during this time of uncertainty. GoTonight put musicians and venues first and did not hesitate to help during this impossible time. The result was a new page, GoTonight Streaming, for listing upcoming online (streaming) shows scheduled and performed by musicians themselves.

Online Shows, Tip Jar for Damon Fowler

The GoTonight Streaming page solution was a perfect fit. Since GoTonight was already in the local live music listing business, it was simple to add upcoming online shows to the listings. The new Streaming page will tell you where (via website link) and when you can find a streaming music show. They also added a place where musicians could add personal website links for their online Tip Jar and professional video page.

So here is the most interesting part! The Streaming tab DOES NOT use GoTonight’s standard zip code search to select venues with shows based on your location. Instead, listings on the GoTonight Streaming page are selected based on a date range which you can choose. The idea is that online shows can be performed and watched anywhere in the world. It is likely that we will see musical acts outside of our Florida area while sitting in the comfort of our home!

Also consider this

Musicians can use GoTonight to promote their music to fans and venues before going on tour. Online shows listed on GoTonight can help them gain potential fans, new venues, and start building a positive reputation before a tour. Online streaming music shows might also help musicians build anticipation when introducing new songs, a CD, as well as help raise money to cover recording expenses. To summarize, the new GoTonight Streaming page can help in multiple ways in both good and bad times.

For more information about how to list upcoming streaming shows on GoTonight, please email inquiries to All inquiries from anywhere are welcome! It will only take 5-10 minutes to add an artist profile (Artist Sign In) to GoTonight and start listing your shows. If you already have an artist profile on GoTonight, then you can list your streaming shows by tagging the venue “Live Stream.”

The Suncoast Post did an interview with Don Mckeon from GoTonight a few years ago. Check it out!

Photos from GoTonight.

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