Døvydas LIVE! – Two Nights at Fogartyville

Døvydas (formerly David Smash) is a Lithuanian-born musician, composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. A musical genius, Døvydas can take and make his own rendition on any song – and he has achieved a worldwide fan base doing just that – streaming live to hundreds of thousands of viewers. Døvydas will perform live from the Fogartyville stage for two nights.  At 8pm on Friday, December 3 he will perform solo, looping and layering a backing track with a synthesizer and drum machine, then working magic with his guitar.  On Saturday, December 4, 8pm he will perform with a live band with Jack Berry on Bass and Jarred Johnson on drums.  Tickets are $18 for WSLR+Fogartyville members and $20 for nonmembers.  Advance tickets are available online at WSLR.org or by calling 941-894-6469.

Døvydas has appeared on national television in Europe as well as headlined major music festivals in Lithuania and Poland.  He started playing guitar at the age of thirteen in Lithuania.  Drums, bass, piano, xylophone and harmonica followed shortly after. He was heavily inspired by a blues CD that his dad bought in Germany entitled “Blues Giants Vol. 2”, a compilation of blues songs from John Lee Hooker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, BB King, Etta James, Memphis Slim, and the like.  Døvydas says, “It was magic. That CD with those songs was like having an invitation letter to Hogwarts. Not only the music was captivating and enchanting, they were singing in this amazing language, and they lived in this distant part of the world that I’ve only seen on television.” 

In 2012 he linked up with local blues musician Steve Arvey and moved to Florida at the age of 19. In his first two years in Sarasota, Døvydas expanded his musical repertoire and integrated himself into the local music scene. After signing a contract with the Del Couch Music Education Foundation and Howling Dog Studios, Døvydas has released two CDs in the United States, one of them titled State Of Sunshine.  Playing with the David Smash Band, he competed at the International Blues Challenge and made it to the semi-finals in 2016.

Photo from Fogartyville

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